WordWhizzle Search Puzzle Answers for Jan 28 2022, are based on the WordWhizzle farming. Let’s put them all together using the key to WordWhizzle Search for today. For more daily word games, check out our daily puzzle answers section.

WordWhizzle Search Daily Puzzle Jan 28 2022

WordWhizzle Search farming

  • PLOW

About WordWhizzle Search Daily Puzzle

WordWhizzle Search is a new kind of word puzzle game. The board carries more letters than that are used to solve the words hidden inside. The additional letters that are available on the board are not to confuse you, however, they increase the challenge and addiction in the game. With a different twist, the game unveils a whole new world of word puzzle challenges.

Unlike other word puzzle games, you will have to swipe your finger up, down, right or left, or diagonally to find the hidden words to solve the game. The best part is, even if you swipe your finger in the reverse order, you end up solving the world. Ex: if the hidden word is lessons, you may swipe the finger through ‘L’ to ‘S’ from right to left (SNOSSEL). Download WordWhizzle game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store today to have some fun with the word crunching game!

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