Wordbubbles daily puzzle for March 5th is solved and we bring you the wordbubbles cheat right here on our dailypuzzleanswers.com site. The word was more of a cake walk today. The solution for 5th March 2016 wordbubbles puzzle is:

  • Light
  • Ball
Did you know?

That there is a game on Android which is one of the most famous games of Android with over half million downloads as of today. Go check it out here: https://goo.gl/PUAj0w
In Pokemon, Light Ball is a held item that doubles both the Special Attack and Attack stats when held by a Pikachu. Prior to Generation IV, only the Special Attack stat was boosted. In Generation III and beyond, if a female Pikachu is allowed to breed while holding a Light Ball, the Pichu born will learn Volt Tackle.
What is Pikachu by the way?
The animated yellow rodent-like character, Pikachu, from the Pokémon video game and TV franchise, is not a total work of fiction. In fact, many believe the creature is based off of a small mousey animal found in China known as a pika.

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