7 Little Words is an awesome game design for the word puzzle lovers.  The game runs around the concept of crossword puzzles.  Though it may not look like a typical crossword, it has a typical word puzzle system designed around the concept of should I say that core concept of crosswords.  The crossword game lovers would definitely fall in love with this game.  The game has loads and loads of different levels that would keep you on the edge of challenge each time you open the game.  The game is beautifully designed around several categories would see the categories ranging from very easy, easy, moderate, hard and impossible themes.  It is also got some great collection for the people who speak Spanish and French.

The fun does not end here it has lots and lots of creatively designed puzzles which has got nerve wrecking challenge.  Do not get scared, as all the levels you find in there are solvable. The game is simple yet brilliantly laid out collection of puzzles that will definitely open your mind and will help you improve your vocabulary and will take you to a completely new world of word puzzles. Trust me this is going to be all new World of a different kind of crosswords.

What more can you expect from a word puzzle, it has got several bonus stages for you when you start buying the premium puzzles from the store.  The puzzles are not heavily charged, the price is very affordable and is designed to keep it pocket friendly.

The best part that I love about this game is, it has got fresh new daily puzzles every day. If you do not wish to buy or invest in the puzzle packs you can go ahead and still keep the challenge ON by playing the daily challenging puzzles.

The puzzle is available to download for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Hope you enjoy the challenge each time you play these puzzles.

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