Word Spark-Smart Daily Puzzles Answers October 9 2019

Word Spark-Smart Brain Training Daily Puzzles October 9 2019 is solved and we bring you the Word Spark-Smart cheats right here on our dailypuzzleanswers.com site. The solution for Word Spark-Smart Daily Puzzles Answers October 9 2019 puzzle is:

  • LAND

About This Game:

Word Smart is designed typically around the world of a crossword with a twist. It has a great level of challenge in each new game you try. You’ll need to swipe your fingers around the board, go up, go down, go left, go right or go diagonally. All you have to do is stick to the board unless you clear it. Focus on the clue that is given on the top of the game to find the word that relates to it hidden inside the available letters on the board.

In case you find it really challenging, drop in here and use the key to Word Smart Daily Puzzle Solutions.

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