Word Blast Daily Puzzles Answers January 9 2019

Word Blast Mind Exercise Peak daily puzzle for January 9 2019 is solved and we bring you the Word Blast cheat right here on our dailypuzzleanswers.com site. The solution for Word Blast Daily Puzzles Answers January 9 2019 is:

  • TOY

About This Game:

Word Trace is a new kind of word puzzle that goes around like a cool story with its themed approach. The game is designed very creatively with amazing level of challenges. You don’t have to worry about how you will play the game as there are set of instructions available to guide you through. Never think that any level is not solvable, all the levels are solvable, you just need to think carefully and use the available letters to form a word using the given clue.

Here are some helpful tips for you to begin playing the game, SWIPE your finger around the letters to form a word, FIND the specific hidden words to clear the game board, Pay attention to the given clue as the hidden words are relevant.

If you get stuck, you may use the Word Trace Daily Puzzle Solutions provided here.

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