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USA Today Crossword Solutions - Aug 26, 2014

USA Today Crossword Solutions - Aug 26, 2014

"Check it out" GOSEE
"Four score and seven years ___ . . ." AGO
"Made in the ___" USA
"New" prefix NEO
"Norma ___" (Field film) RAE
"We Bought ___" AZOO
Ambulance crew (Abbr.) EMS
April 15 listing ITEMIZATION
Asian title of respect SRI
Bear type TEDDY
Biker's invitation HOPON
Box for valuables SAFEDEPOSIT
British mil. branch RAF
British singing sensation ADELE
Buddha's teachings SUTRAS
Consumed ATE
Court declaration PLEA
Deductions from gross weight TARES
Developmental step STAGE
Drilling tool BRACEANDBIT
End of Jack Horner's boast AMI
Escape by trickery EVADE
Fan's jeer BOO
Firmly entrenched DUGIN
First lady's residence EDEN
Folds or Affleck BEN
Full sweep GAMUT
Geneva-based workers' grp ILO
Gilbert & Sullivan princess IDA
Give evidence TESTIFY
Grabs (onto) GLOMS
Horne, the entertainer LENA
Horse sound NEIGH
In the middle of AMONG
It's longer than a coupe SEDAN
Jeremy of the NBA LIN
Lying on one's stomach PRONE
Many MIT grads EES
Meanie's look SCOWL
Mell Lazarus comic strip MOMMA
Miss Gardner AVA
Momentum IMPETUS
Movie cowboy Lash LARUE
Much of Mississippi? ESSES
Name on many elevators OTIS
Neck region NAPE
Nerd or nebbish DWEEB
Newsworthy NOTABLE
Omission of a vowel in pronunciation ELISION
On fire, as a match LIT
On-ramp sign YIELD
Oral poetry EPOS
PC adjunct, once CRT
Plant with colorful flowers GENTIAN
Powder type TALC
Put oil on ANOINT
Relaxation spot SPA
Religious assembly SYNOD
Scrawny individual SCRAG
Signal a musician CUE
Sole cleaner MAT
Spaniard's lady SENORA
Split ingredients BANANAS
Stirs up sediment ROILS
Stressing, in type ITALICIZING
Structural support IBEAM
Supplier of WWW access ISP
Taking potshots SNIPING
Touchy subject, to some AGE
Treats with a cautery SEARS
Turkish bigwig (var.) EMEER
Turner the tycoon TED
Twice, a tot's stomach TUM
Well-proportioned ZAFTIG
X-ray discoverer RONTGEN
Your sister's son's sister NIECE
___ Offensive (1968 campaign) TET

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