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USA Today Crossword Answers - May 28, 2015

USA Today Crossword Answers - May 28, 2015

Clue Answer
"Just the opposite!" NOT
"Just ___ expected!" ASI
"La Boheme," e.g OPERA
"The final frontier" SPACE
"___ Gang" of old movies OUR
"___ overboard!" MAN
"___ the season . . ." TIS
A selfish desire GREED
American uncle SAM
Antenna housing RADOME
Asteroid or centaur, e.g MINORPLANET
AT&T's industry TELECOM
Bacteriologist's study AEROBE
Baddies of fairy tales OGRES
Beach perk TAN
Bean counter, for short CPA
Bit of food VIAND
Bow application ROSIN
Broad panoramas VISTAS
Broadcasting ONAIR
By hook or by crook SOMEHOW
Certain Arab OMANI
Chop finely MINCE
Common gift in one state LEI
Comparatively calm SERENER
Cornhusker State hub OMAHA
Dead to the world INERT
Disinfectant's target GERM
Dome covering? HAT
Double agents SPIES
Drop down? MOLT
Eastern nurse AMAH
Eliminate END
EPA concern SMOG
Every single one ALL
Flossing beneficiaries TEETH
Gets the lead out? ERASES
Grad student's creation THESIS
Grassland LEA
Hawaiian feasts LUAUS
Heavy overcoat ULSTER
Heretofore ASYET
Home that's well off the ground AERIE
Hurt one's feelings OFFEND
It occurs near the September equinox HARVESTMOON
Kind of angel SERAPH
Lone Ranger's horse SILVER
Lusterless surface MATTE
Mantel piece URN
Mexican Peters PEDROS
Midday meal LUNCH
Misfortunes ILLS
Not him HER
One of rocker Bill's bandmates? HALEYSCOMET
Parking levels TIERS
Peas, beans, etc LEGUMES
Piggish proboscis SNOUT
Points of view SLANTS
Pronounces indistinctly SLURS
Question DOUBT
Ready for hanging NOOSED
Rugs from Sweden RYAS
Run off to the chapel ELOPE
Slangy guy FELLA
Slow, elegant dances MINUETS
Smacks hard WHAMS
Thing to wish upon FALLINGSTAR
Type of whiskey RYE
Water cannon target RIOTER
Yields precipitation, in a way RAINS

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