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USA Today Crossword Answers - March 13, 2015

USA Today Crossword Answers - March 13, 2015

Clue Answer
"Do re me fa ___ . . ." SOL
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner SAL
"Enchanted" girl in a 2004 film ELLA
"He's ___ nowhere man . . ." (Beatles lyric) AREAL
"The Dukes of Hazzard" spinoff ENOS
67.5 degrees, in terms of direction ENE
Act proverbially human ERR
Amount of space in a newspaper LINAGE
Assembled in adv PREFAB
Bad situations MESSES
Barfly TOPER
Baseball player's topper CAP
Basket fiber ISTLE
Bat mitzvah, for one RITE
California city SANDIEGO
Carpentry joint TENON
Cassowary kin RHEA
Cause of swelled heads EGO
CD-___ ROM
Celebrants' robes ALBS
Century upon century EON
Chaney of old horror films LON
Contradict BELIE
Crowning point ACME
Dreamy sleep stage REM
Ending for "for" or "love" LORN
Extended tirade LITANY
Father figures, on the farm PAS
Flat-topped flower cluster CORYMB
George Herman Ruth, familiarly BABE
Get out of bed ARISE
Grendel in "Beowulf," e.g OGRE
Hillside, in Edinburgh BRAE
Home office locale, sometimes DEN
Hospital unit BED
Hunted porker BOAR
It may be fit for a queen TIARA
It moves by leaps and bounds HARE
Jacqueline Kennedy, ___ Bouvier NEE
Jason's craft, in myth ARGO
Kind of cat, goat or rabbit ANGORA
Lacking a musical quality ATONAL
Light-fingered NIMBLE
Like a wolf LUPINE
Like wild dogs FERAL
Logical premises LEMMAS
Lower in public estimation ABASE
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) TAI
Mental picture IMAGE
Mild, as weather BALMY
Night temps, usually LOWS
O. Henry's "The Gift of the ___" MAGI
One of 150 in the Bible PSALM
Overwhelm with sound DEAFEN
Palindromic Eastern title AGA
Passport addenda VISAS
Prayer ending words AMENS
Preserve, as fodder ENSILE
Pub drinks ALES
Quiz or exam TEST
Quoits pegs HOBS
Record of a year's events ANNAL
Removed, as a tattoo LASED
Room to maneuver LEEWAY
Sandpaper, for one ABRADANT
Setting surrounded by water ISLE
Simon ___ (children's game) SAYS
Sound, as a bell TOLL
Squeak-stopping liquids OILS
Suffix with "correct" or "elect" IVE
Surveyor's map PLAT
Turn red, in some cases RIPEN
TV show featuring Mr. Roarke FANTASYISLAND
Used car deal, e.g RESALE
Waterways that are not there DESERTMIRAGES
Winged god of love EROS
___ and outs (particulars) INS

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