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USA Today Crossword Answers - March 12, 2015

USA Today Crossword Answers - March 12, 2015

Clue Answer
"August: ___ County" OSAGE
"Aye" voter PRO
"Mea ___" CULPA
"Wheel of Fortune" option SPIN
20s device ATM
Abe Vigoda's role in "The Godfather" SAL
Actress Phoebe CATES
Art gums ERASERS
August birthstone PERIDOT
Avian source of red meat EMU
Backstage guest VIP
Bakery buy BUN
Barbary animal APE
Bear of "very little brain" POOH
Book balancer, for short CPA
Built-out window ORIEL
Cockamamie ASININE
College collection COURSES
Concerning bees APIAN
Coveted game show prize CAR
Deceptive (var.) ILLUSIVE
Determine the sum of ADD
Did a tour guide's job LED
Do a post-vacation chore UNPACK
Drive-thru patron, at times ORDERER
Dwell permanently RESIDE
Efficiency symbol, in physics ETA
Enjoy going downhill SKI
Expensive fiddle, for short STRAD
Expert witness in a sanity trial ALIENIST
Family bigwig MOM
FDA-banned weight-loss supplement EPHEDRA
Feel concern CARE
Fished with a net SEINED
Fudgelike treats with nuts PENUCHES
Garlic trait ODOR
Great Scott of 1857 DRED
Grow older AGE
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
Indistinguishable IDENTICAL
Kind of fire ENEMY
Like a pitcher's dream game NOHIT
Little terror IMP
Myth's companion LORE
New Haven student ELI
Not suitable UNAPT
Notable period of history ERA
Obey the photographer SMILE
Oolong and hyson TEAS
Part of an apple CORE
Piano type SPINET
Place in position PUT
Religious or political pamphlet TRACT
Rendering ACCOUNT
Restorative resort SPA
Reunion greeting HUG
Rodeo leggings CHAPS
Root veggie TURNIP
Sesame oil source BENNE
Short stroke on a golf course PUTT
Some denim garments LEVIS
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
They're in your local newspaper PHOTOS
Tonsil's neighbor ADENOID
Tony Shalhoub TV role MONK
Top-of-the-line AONE
Turkish title of respect AGA
TV star Danson TED
Use a crowbar PRY
Valuable stone DIAMOND
White vegetable ONION
Withdrawn REVOKED
Writer Fleming IAN

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