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USA Today Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

Clue Answer
"Dutch Interior" painter Joan MIRO
90-degree headings EASTS
A ___ pittance MERE
Acorn's coat TESTA
Adjust, as laces RETIE
Angle type ACUTE
Apparition SPIRIT
Atlantic fish SCUP
Await judgment PEND
Bale binder TWINE
Ballet rail BARRE
Brain flash IDEA
Bric-a-brac item CURIO
Change, often COINS
Colorado resort ASPEN
Common conversation starter HELLO
Creator of impressions APER
Dawns, in poetry MORNS
Decree EDICT
Eagles of the sea ERNS
Encountered ice SLID
England's national art gallery TATE
Famous cookie maker AMOS
Fancy vanity case ETUI
First name among Hollywood he-men ARNOLD
Florida gulf city TAMPA
Food thickener AGAR
Garden-variety USUAL
Highly paid pitchers ACES
Illumination LIGHT
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
It may be pungent ODOR
It's in mint condition? TICTAC
Its body is primed AUTO
Kind of wheels MAG
Large drop of whipped cream GLOB
Leprechauns' land EIRE
Letter-shaped support IBEAM
Lingerie item SLIP
Lip balm ingredient ALOE
Maltreat ILLUSE
Neighbor on ABUT
No-see-ums GNATS
No-wind location ALEE
Object of gossip ITEM
On the up and up LEGIT
One of a historic maritime trio NINA
Open, as a bottle UNCAP
Part of a razor EDGE
Penultimate word in fairy tales EVER
Prefix with "scope" PERI
Scattered widely STREWN
Scotch's partner SODA
Secret society's secret RITUAL
Setting for many embarrassing flubs ONAIR
Shunned colony resident LEPER
Slowly wear away ERODE
Specialists MAVENS
Speed-of-sound word MACH
Spock's mind merge MELD
Squealing rooter PIG
Suffix with "skeptic" or "cynic" ISM
Sweeping tale EPIC
Tapered eaves hanger ICICLE
They may be made up EXAMS
They've got the beat? COPS
Thin disguise? VEIL
Transom's locale DOOR
Treat roughly MAUL
Two that match PAIR
Ungraceful one LOUT
Was in attendance CAME
What some crossword answers contain THIRTEENLETTERS
What some crossword answers contain CLEVERLITTLEPUN
What some crossword answers contain COMPLEXSENTENCE
Word of parting ADIEU

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