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USA Today Crossword Answers - April 27, 2015

USA Today Crossword Answers - April 27, 2015

Clue Answer
"Anything ___?" ELSE
"Riot" anagram TRIO
"___ the twain shall meet" NEER
A sheep dog COLLIE
About to explode IRATE
Agent Ness ELIOT
Always, in poesy EER
Archaeological find RELIC
Calligraphy goof SMUDGE
Car with a bar LIMO
Char the surface SEAR
Charles de Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Circus lifesaver NET
Classic clown BOZO
Clothing, informally TOGS
College girl COED
Come out of the woodwork TEEM
Copies drawn on overlays, e.g TRACINGS
Cornrow creators PLAITERS
Coupes' big brothers SEDANS
Cousin of an acad INST
Didn't blow away FAILEDTOIMPRESS
Eagerly excited AGOG
Epicureans GOURMETS
Fifty years your senior, e.g OLD
Fly high SOAR
Fungus that affects rye ERGOT
Furrow filler on a farm SEEDER
Get ready, as for an op PREP
Glaswegian miss LASS
Goes nuts RAGES
Head out to sea SAIL
Investigate PROBE
Junior ammunition CAPS
Killed, mobster-style OFFED
Like a done deal SIGNEDANDSEALED
Los Angeles woe SMOG
Low-key "Hey!" PSST
Negotiations glitch SNAG
One may be thrown in anger FIT
Outperform SURMOUNT
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Pound of poetry EZRA
Preventing deleting, in a way WRITEPROTECTING
Protected from the wind ALEE
Put on a pedestal DEIFY
Put to the test TRIED
Render unreadable ERASE
Reunion invitee ALUM
Sci-fi or horror, e.g GENRE
Self-assurance ELAN
Semiaquatic salamanders NEWTS
Sitcom's award EMMY
Skeleton component ULNA
Slowness standard SNAIL
Small valley DALE
Some Mercedes-Benz models SLS
Something to fall back on? REAR
Sought damages SUED
Stadium-ticket datum TIER
Sticky thing around the office NOTE
Stiffly formal PRIM
Still YET
Striped officials, familiarly REFS
Suggestive of the mysterious EERIE
Swirling current EDDY
Theater school study DRAMA
Thrash FLOG
To's reverse FRO
Unfolded letters EMAIL
Vast landmass ASIA
Viscount's superior EARL
Voices an objection DEMURS
Warty creature TOAD
What an actor handles PROP
Yahtzee item DIE

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