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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 25, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 25, 2014

"The Greatest" in a ring ALI
"You ___ here" ARE
"___ I lie to you?" WOULD
African plateau VELDT
Album insert PHOTO
Ancient Scandinavian poet SKALD
Anguished cry YELP
Bearded mammal GOAT
Cousin of the raccoon COATI
Defense attorney, at times REFUTER
Despite all that YET
Deviate from a course YAW
Dinner plate scraping ORT
Discover competitor VISA
Door piece HINGE
Eng. course LIT
Ennead less one OCTAD
Expansion projects ELLS
Extremely cold GELID
Face in the mirror IMAGE
Farm animal RAM
Football Hall-of-Famer Merlin OLSEN
Frequently, to a bard OFT
Gave peas a chance? ATE
Genetic stuff RNA
Goodbye in Grenoble ADIEU
Gorilla's swing LIANA
Great depression ABYSS
Greek letters BETAS
Gymnast's jump VAULT
Hammer and anvil site EAR
Happens to BEFALLS
In the wrong role MISCAST
Indian shelter TEPEE
It can be overridden VETO
It makes you think POSER
It may help you choose sides MENU
Item under a blouse BRA
Kin of Clio ERATO
Lack of laxness RIGOR
Lawyers' undertakings CASES
Like towelettes MOIST
London art museum TATEGALLERY
Looney Tunes animator Tex AVERY
Misbehave (with "up") ACT
Misspells or misspeaks ERRS
Modern pentathlete's weapon EPEE
More prevalent RIFER
Moviemaker's milieu SET
Much of it's about nothing ADO
National interest RAISONDETAT
Office info MEMO
Old alphabetic script OGHAM
Pioneering Dadaist ARP
Reproductive cells GAMETES
Requiring effort LABORED
Resource to be tapped? KEG
Salsa or guacamole DIP
Seek retribution AVENGE
Shakespeare prince HAL
Sipper's aid STRAW
Slangy "so long" LATER
Social unit living together MENAGE
Sounds angry YELLS
Spend wildly SPLURGE
Stool pigeons TATTLETALES
Super Bowl Joe Namath played in III
Take precedence over PREEMPT
The way, out East TAO
Till contents ONES
Tiptoe CREEP
Twinings product TEA
Whiskey type RYE
Yak track, e.g SPOOR
___ the crack of dawn UPAT
___ Verde MESA

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