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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 24, 2014

"Cool" amount, at a heist MIL
"Hey, that just might work" NOTABADIDEA
"Hit the brakes!" STOP
"Without further ___ . . ." ADO
Alaska's state flower FORGETMENOT
All the time OFTEN
Annual Nile occurrences FLOODS
Arctic domicile IGLOO
Band's job GIG
Battle site ARENA
Be apathetic NOTCARE
Calculator figs NOS
Concerning bees APIAN
Cut down, as expenses PARE
Developing egg OVULE
DiCaprio of films LEO
Eastern attire SARI
El ___ (Spanish painter) GRECO
Expects AWAITS
First sign of spring ARIES
Football great Dawson LEN
Fries, slangily TATERS
Gardening tool WEEDER
Go-broke bridge FOR
Goody two-shoes PRISS
Graceful African antelope IMPALA
Groan's partner MOAN
Happy-face presenter SMILER
Harmful ray type GAMMA
Have a luxurious meal DINE
Heel wheel SPUR
High-pitched bark YAP
If there is a need INCASE
It tapers on a tapir SNOUT
Jagged mountain ranges SIERRAS
Jazzy Della REESE
Kind of bran OAT
Klugman role MADISON
Lennon's lady ONO
Letters on an ambulance EMS
Like a flared skirt (var.) ALINED
Like many anthems NATIONAL
Like Shakespeare's feet IAMBIC
Little bit of work ERG
Love to bits ADORE
Lyric praise ODE
Main bloodline AORTA
Mechanic's figure ESTIMATE
Motorist's aid FLARE
Move just slightly STIR
No play is without them ACTS
Notable child king, briefly TUT
Parliamentary affirmative AYE
Perfect in all ways IDEAL
Perplexing problem GORDIANKNOT
Punch bowl go-with LADLE
Role for Tebaldi AIDA
Saint-Tropez sea MER
Say without saying IMPLY
Serves as a counterbalance for OFFSETS
Shunned one LEPER
Small glacial lake TARN
Some Peruvians INCAS
Subject of war propaganda ENEMY
Sylvan dweller of mythology SATYR
The height of simplicity ABC
They go down the tubes OVA
Tightly packed item SARDINE
Tool for a duel SABER
Torah storers ARKS
Turned the garden SPADED
Turner and Cantrell LANAS
Unenviable grade DEE
Wedding announcement word NEE

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