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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 23, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 23, 2014

"How stupid of me!" DOH
"Sea of Love" star Barkin ELLEN
"Sexy" lady of a Beatles song SADIE
"Steady as ___ goes" SHE
"Well, ___-di-dah!" LAH
"___ gotcha now!" IVE
Advantages (var.) PLUSSES
Ancient Greece's legislative assembly BOULE
Antique shop item CURIO
Arrange logically SORT
Ask earnestly BESEECH
Bite playfully NIP
Cause to lose one's nerve UNMAN
Construction fastener RIVET
Corrosive substance ACID
Dada artist ARP
Dingbat NINNY
Diving seabirds AUKS
Doffs one's lid, old-style UNHATS
Drink cooler ICE
Enchilada alternative BURRITO
Entrance or exit GATE
F-14 fighter jets TOMCATS
Fifth and others, briefly AVES
First N.L. player to hit 500 home runs OTT
Fortune seeker? SEER
Frosted treat CUPCAKE
Get to fit ADAPT
Grammy winner Yoko ONO
Hard guy to find in kids' books WALDO
Hoops position GUARD
In hiding (with "up") HOLED
Internal layer of a mollusk shell NACRE
Intoxicated LIT
Its capital is Altdorf URI
Its competitors may be thrown RODEO
Jazzman Getz STAN
Like a graveyard at midnight EERIE
Midwestern state dweller IOWAN
Mr. Pulver's rank ENS
Musical based on a T.S. Eliot book CATS
Nibble for Miss Muffet CURD
Ones biased against the elderly AGEISTS
Part of "FWIW" WORTH
Poetic meadow LEA
Polloi's predecessor HOI
Possess OWN
Powerful bloke NABOB
Protests gone awry RIOTS
Radio studio sign ONAIR
Sabres' relatives EPEES
Sgt. Bilko portrayer PHILSILVERS
Showy spring flower PEONY
Some Arizona plants CACTI
Some tournaments OPENS
Sour-smelling ACRID
Spot for a statue NICHE
Stadium layers TIERS
Staff symbol CLEF
Stags and bucks, e.g HES
Stephen King novel CARRIE
Strike zone enforcer UMP
Student driver? BUS
Sure-footed beasts ASSES
Teamsters, for one UNION
They hold records PHONOGRAPHS
They're charged and exchanged IONS
They're in the drug business PHARMACISTS
Tooth-care pros' org ADA
Type of angle ACUTE
Type of boots or flask HIP
Very sharp turn HAIRPIN
Voices, as opinions AIRS
What some players turn PRO
What the letter O is? PHOTOFINISH
Wordsworth's words, perhaps ODE
___ diem PER

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