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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 22, 2014

"Any day now . . ." SOON
"Hit 'em where they ___" AINT
"Is" bookends? ENOUGHS
"Wild Draw Four" card game UNO
+ or - item ION
A Great Lake HURON
A rain forest has it HUMIDATMOSPHERE
Apt cryptogram of "aha" HAH
Bakery attraction AROMA
Be an effective boss MAKETHINGSHUM
Be laid up with HAVE
Boston Bruin No. 4 ORR
Broad-antlered animal ELK
Cartoonist Guisewite's creation CATHY
Cauldron stirrer HAG
Certain British conservative TORY
China's ___-tzu LAO
Commit a hoops no-no TRAVEL
Cranny's colleague NOOK
Crazy way to run AMOK
Dad's love MOM
Delicate skill FINESSE
Develop thick skin (var.) ENURE
Elephant variety ASIATIC
Exception to the rule? ANARCHY
Find regrettable RUE
Fraternity man, briefly BRO
Go quickly RACE
Go schuss SKI
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Helicopter type APACHE
If we can do it, it's this HUMANLYPOSSIBLE
In a foolhardy manner RASHLY
Introduction to a former self? NEE
It hurts PAIN
It may be given while cruising (Abbr.) ETA
Knock off a derby, e.g UNHAT
Litigious org ACLU
Lunar calendar start NEWMOON
Make chocolate curls SHAVE
Makes tidy NEATENS
Mimicked the mannerisms of APED
More than this? THESE
Negative word NOT
Niche filler, sometimes URN
Norwegian coast feature (var.) FIORD
Nullify VOID
Palindromic Daryl HANNAH
Personal viewpoints SLANTS
Places to go around in circles RINKS
Pork pen STY
Puberty may alter it VOICE
Quintet plus two HEPTAD
Relative of a rhea EMU
Repeat ECHO
Rich soils LOAMS
Romantically involved with SEEING
Shampoo finishers RINSES
Ship reference SHE
Skirts' outskirts HEMS
Soapmaking caustic LYE
Star wheels LIMO
Sum of all parts ONE
Sumac with a five-octave range YMA
Supplements ADDS
Surrounded territory ENCLAVE
Terrible turnout NOONE
They are often classified ADS
They have sloppy bellies SWINE
They're plowed SOTS
Unwritten, as a contract ORAL
Usual temperatures NORMALS
Wingless extinct bird MOA
Within the rules LEGAL
Word with "mortals" or "formality" MERE
Yearning DESIRE
___ polloi (masses) HOI

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