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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 21, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 21, 2014

Clue Answer
"Friends" character Chandler BING
"___ Karenina" ANNA
About the time of CIRCA
Akin on mother's side ENATE
Arena levels TIERS
Be a big fan of ADORE
Calendar pg OCT
Carpenter's tool BEVEL
Catchall abbreviation ETAL
Catherine ___-Jones ZETA
Clandestine STEALTHY
Closing documents DEEDS
Coffeehouse freebie CREAM
Coffeepot for a crowd URN
Cold storage DEEPFREEZE
Cultivator HOER
Deprive of pep DEENERGIZE
Diner list MENU
Displaced gardener ADAM
Draw out EDUCE
Drop of sadness TEAR
Eastern Church member UNIAT
Emulate a hot dog? PANT
Flew the coop ESCAPED
Foreboding atmospheres (var.) MIASMS
Fork or knife, e.g UTENSIL
Fruit pastry STRUDEL
Geller with the spoons URI
Gimel preceders BETHS
Goldilocks meal PORRIDGE
Has a summer job? ADDS
Hemmed in BESET
Italian peak ETNA
Item on a diva's door STAR
Joule parts ERGS
Kind of list for executives TODO
Large hunting dogs DEERHOUNDS
Least adulterated PUREST
Leaves town GOES
Lower in intensity DEESCALATE
Mediocre grades CEES
Moctezuma, for one AZTEC
Mormons' base UTAH
Ms. Gabor EVA
New Zealand parrot KEA
Not one, in Dogpatch NARY
Palindromic male name OTTO
Pigeon-___ TOED
Place for padding KNEE
Poor Yorick's word ALAS
Prickly seed husk BUR
Put into service USE
Really take it easy LAZE
Saintly quality PIETY
Say confidently AVER
Secondary to UNDER
Short salesperson? REP
Show excessive affection DOTE
Signal in a courtroom GAVEL
Some water carriers PAILS
South Yemen gulf ADEN
Start of a diary entry DEAR
Stove section OVEN
Sundial number III
Take the plunge DIVE
Timber-dressing tool ADZE
Time-share unit CONDO
Tractor maker John DEERE
Way to await something EAGERLY
Weight-loss plan DIET
What a bodybuilder builds MUSCLE
What a protractor measures ANGLE
Who's sorry now? RUER
Will Ferrell holiday comedy ELF
Wood for a chest CEDAR
___ Raven Reservoir LOCH

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