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USA Today Crossword Answer - September 20, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - September 20, 2014

Clue Answer
"Chili today, hot ---" TAMALE
"If all ___ fails . . ." ELSE
32-Down, in the past OWNED
Accumulates excessively HOARDS
Act out in silence MIME
Apologize and then some ATONE
Arms and legs LIMBS
Bahrainians, for example ARABS
Bay of Fundy attractions TIDES
Beer ingredients HOPS
Birchbark watercraft CANOES
Bird, to Brutus AVIS
Bogey beaters PARS
Brain part LOBE
Chasms RIFTS
Compulsion URGE
Computer term BYTES
Confess ADMIT
Disciple PUPIL
Dollar fraction CENT
El ___ PASO
Elite intellectuals' society MENSA
Email command SEND
Exhibiting listlessness MOPEY
Expanse SPACE
Feathery neckwear BOA
Fur scarf STOLE
Great quantities TONS
Guys' partners GALS
Hawaii island OAHU
Icy precipitation SLEET
It can be good, bad or rotten LUCK
It comes naturally in Vegas ELEVEN
Jockey without a horse DISC
Lens material GLASS
Lowers, as lights DIMS
Main artery AORTA
Malevolent EVIL
Maritime initials USS
Monkeyshines SHENANIGANS
Monkeyshines MISBEHAVIOR
Monkeyshines TOMFOOLERY
Monkeyshines HANKYPANKY
Needle apertures EYES
Nimble AGILE
Pen name ALIAS
Pierced, in a way LANCED
Pollution type SMOG
Possesses OWNS
Russian ruler of old TSAR
School orgs PTAS
Secular LAY
Serve up the drinks TEND
Short skirt MINI
Sightly? OPTIC
Sign INK
Single entity UNIT
Smallest positive integer ONE
Soak up ABSORB
Sri Lanka's former name CEYLON
Stage prompt CUE
Strokes PETS
Suppressed, as emotions PENTUP
Tall and skinny LANKY
Tallest active volcano of Europe ETNA
Texas tourist attraction ALAMO
Took the title WON
Torah scrolls repository ARK
Travel by automobile MOTOR
Twins constellation GEMINI
Ululate HOWL
Unable to decide TORN
Word with stick or dash SLAP
Zilch NADA

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