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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 18, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 18, 2014

"Anti-art" movement DADA
"Frozen" actor Josh GAD
"Hey, over here!" PSST
"Lady and the ___" TRAMP
5,280 feet MILE
Admiral's charge FLEET
Adv. math course TRIG
Andean land CHILE
Appallingly bad AWFUL
Author Ayn and others RANDS
Bad sign OMEN
Barnyard perch ROOST
Batting-practice aid TEE
Brings down the curtain ENDS
Champion's prize CUP
Clarified butter of India GHEE
Colorful aquarium fish OPAH
Common pluralizer ESS
Conjures up IMAGINES
Customary observances RITES
Did Shakespeare ACTED
Do some lawn work EDGE
Domini lead-in ANNO
Dorothy's slippers material RUBY
Doubtful IFFY
Essen's basin RUHR
Fault-finders NAGGERS
Frome or Hawke ETHAN
Fruit waste STEM
Gold-related AURIC
Grumpy condition SNIT
Handel's "Messiah," e.g ORATORIO
Hapless one SCHMO
Hiker's sock-clinger BUR
It's indicated by a hand in front of a face HOUR
It's just a little bit ATOM
Juvenile amphibian EFT
Kosovo citizen SERB
Like some spicy cuisine CREOLE
Mai ___ (cocktail) TAI
Many a year AGES
Mason's tray HOD
Maximally slender LEANEST
Muse of lyric poetry ERATO
Myanmar's neighbor LAOS
Ollie's comedy partner STAN
One working on the RR ENGR
Ornamental architectural style ROCOCO
Part of driving directions TURN
Pinnacle ACME
Poetic literary forms ODES
Provide with a trait ENDUE
Quaint place to stay INN
Rating two stars, perhaps SOSO
Red Cross collection SERA
Request for repetition WHAT
Royal Indian RANI
Scout unit TROOP
Scrap the space mission ABORT
Select OPT
Slip-up in the outfield ERROR
Something ventured GUESS
Speaks superficially SMATTERS
Spiritual song HYMN
Start of many fairy tales ONCE
Theater level TIER
They help make joints ULNAE
Toady's answers YESES
Uncle's sweetheart AUNT
Vertical ship posts BITTS
Wagers BETS
What boxers want? FIGHTINGCHANCES
With the most space ROOMIEST
___ Carta MAGNA

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