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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 17, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 17, 2014

". . . with the greatest of ___" EASE
"Final" or "formal" prefix SEMI
"Hey, you!" PSST
"___ never happen!" ITLL
A Middle Easterner OMANI
Agreeable sort ACCEDER
Ammo provider ARMER
Answer to a judge PLEA
Application entry NAME
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Bit of subterfuge RUSE
Blonde shade ASH
Bowling alley button RESET
British titles EARLS
Case presser SUER
Certain resident of Finland LAPP
Chest thumper APE
Concert memento TSHIRT
Crested ridge ARETE
Dads PAS
Divorce mecca RENO
Exercise authority WEARTHETROUSERS
Extreme bitter taste ACRIDNESS
Extreme hardship RIGOR
Forerunner PRECURSOR
General Powell COLIN
Glasgow negative NAE
Goldman ___ (brokerage) SACHS
Have the same views AGREE
He bore a heavy load ATLAS
Heard, but not seen AURAL
Hindu misters SRIS
Its eye is on TV CBS
Karate blows CHOPS
Lay ___ the line ITON
Leatherworker's tools AWLS
Like young Abe Lincoln LANK
Luxury hotel feature, often SPA
Maid of India AYAH
Make little cuts SNIP
Marching unit TROOP
Marina locale INLET
Middle-earth meanies ORCS
Nov. follower DEC
Nurse at the bar SIP
One thing to do in a jumpsuit SKI
Other nations, to Israelites GOYIM
Oyster color ECRU
Pageant wear SASH
Paper pusher CLERK
Paranormal ability ESP
Part of the eye RETINA
Pig pens STIES
Pre-play activities DRESSREHEARSALS
Result of an oil shortage? CREAK
Sacred poem PSALM
Salmon variety COHO
Shipwreck site ISLE
Skedaddles SCOOTS
Some plums GAGES
Some spies MOLES
Souper-scooper-upper LADLE
Sunday-paper sections ROTOS
Supernatural glow AURA
Symbol of St. Louis ARCH
That dude HIM
They're pulled through the dirt HOES
Third rock from the sun EARTH
Tooth care grp ADA
Tried mightily STROVE
What competitors want SPORTINGCHANCES
Wrapping material brand SARAN
___ du Flambeau, Wisc LAC
___ se PER

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