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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 14, 2014

All-time strikeout king RYAN
Alliance of countries BLOC
Angry to-do SPAT
Atomic number 56 BARIUM
Be wildly unstable YOYO
Big event GALA
Big hauler SEMI
Blue as the sky AZURE
Boston athlete BRUIN
Bottom line TALLY
Broadcasting right now ONAIR
Bryn ___, Pa MAWR
Cleansing agent SOAP
Cookie choice OREO
Cooks' garments APRONS
Crossword component GRID
Cutting part EDGE
Deli sandwiches SUBS
Developed ability SKILL
Displays curiosity ASKS
Early Andean settler INCA
Elicit ideas from PICKTHEBRAINSOF
Feel like arguing about something HAVEABONETOPICK
Four winter wks FEB
Gang territory TURF
Group's pronoun OURS
Harley-Davidson rider BIKER
Hindu holy men SADHUS
Ingredient in hand cream ALOE
Island nation near Fiji TONGA
It follows "status" QUO
Ivy League campus YALE
Kind of poker DRAW
Lawyer's suggestion SUE
Lay lawn down SOD
Less corrupted PURER
Let one know you're interested, creepily OGLE
Like a human flock LAIC
Lurk about (var.) SCULK
Madrid landmark PRADO
Military station POST
Mine entryway ADIT
Net lining of a hat CAUL
Offbeat QUIRKY
Olympic racers LUGES
One making a feudal effort? SERF
One spelling for an Indian royal RANEE
One who makes opening statements EMCEE
Part of a fork PRONG
People retire to them BEDS
Pest of fruit trees APHIS
Pilot's response ROGER
Pond youngsters EFTS
Pulitzer-winning author James AGEE
Ranchero's accessories BOLOS
Santa ___ ANA
Saudis and Omanis, e.g ARABS
Secluded spot GLEN
Second of two mentioned LATTER
See 14-Across LEER
Sensitive layer OZONE
Small integers ONES
So far ASYET
Spinachlike plant ORACH
Stere relatives LITERS
Surrounding atmosphere AURA
Tactical maneuver FEINT
Take ___ (look quickly) APEEK
The 13th of several months IDES
Tire nuts LUGS
Treating the table PICKINGUPTHETAB
Try to locate SEEK
Unread email, often SPAM
Wandered ROVED
Weekend cowboy DUDE
Where to work on a six-pack? GYM
___ fruit (tangelo variety) UGLI
___ juris (legal phrase) SUI

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