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USA Today Crossword Answer- Sep 12, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer- Sep 12, 2014

"Over the Rainbowcomposer Harold ARLEN
Andrea ___ (ill-fated vessel) DORIA
Antitheses of midnights NOONS
Astronomical distance PARSEC
Ayatollah's decree FATWA
Betray shame REDDEN
Big bang cause? TNT
Bravo starter RIO
British lunch TIFFIN
Carmakers' defect notices RECALLS
Castle tower TURRET
Cayuse catcher LARIAT
Cheerful little earful DITTY
Chuck Berry title girl NADINE
Core substances PITHS
Covered in fireplace residue ASHY
Decrease LESSEN
Desperately dry ARID
Dreaded headline at the post office? DOGBITESMAN
Fairly insignificant cards TREYS
Feel the weight of the day DROOP
For any reason ATALL
Gives a thumbs-up ASSENTS
Had longings YEARNED
Had more than a thirst for NEEDED
Hindu doctrine TANTRA
Hon or sweetheart DEARY
Indian governor NAWAB
It's full of gas BLIMP
Lacking a point INANE
Lacquer part RESIN
Like some cycles LUNAR
Made up for ATONED
Make illegal BAN
Makes famous RENOWNS
Meet squarely FACE
Not easily caught SLY
One of the Muppets ERNIE
One who looks up and yells "duck"? BIRDWATCHER
Operatives' org CIA
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Partakes of HAS
Party vessel KEG
Passive demonstration SITIN
Pearl Harbor Day mo DEC
Place for a carnation LAPEL
Possible hockey result TIE
Report of 1964 WARREN
Retirement asset IRA
Sci-fi classic of 1979 ALIEN
Skin fold PLICA
Social conclusion? ISM
Some pet lovers CATFANCIERS
Songs for divas ARIAS
Sounds heard in most offices MOUSECLICKS
Startles SCARES
Stiffly theatrical STAGY
Stream denizen TROUT
Tail movement WAG
Take the place of PREEMPT
Tax expert (Abbr.) CPA
Textile type RAYON
Turned loose FREED
Twelve-year-old, e.g PRETEEN
Two-time South African PM SMUTS
UN workers grp ILO
Unpopular facial spots ACNE
Washerwoman sculptor RENOIR
Well-known loch NESS
White vestments ALBS
Words following "bend" or "lend" ANEAR
Wren residences NESTS
___ Arbor, Mich ANN

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