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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 11, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 11, 2014

"-" on a battery ANODE
"A Prayer for ___ Meany" OWEN
"Caught you!" AHA
"I'm thinking . . ." HMM
"Iron Mike" of boxing TYSON
"The Creationcomposer Joseph HAYDN
type of arch OGEE
Adult female chicken HEN
After-hours school grp PTA
Airport stat ETA
Antarctic predators SKUAS
Artist's "room" STUDIO
At full speed, at sea AMAIN
Autograph requesters FANS
Banker, sometimes LENDER
Barn sackful FEED
Beauty of Troy HELEN
Big name in cosmetics ARDEN
Big shots' assistants AIDES
Brown pigments UMBERS
Calendar unit YEAR
Capital on the Caspian BAKU
Cat's ball, sometimes YARN
Consolidate UNITE
Country lodge INN
Daphnis' love CHLOE
Data, for short INFO
Designer Karan DONNA
Doo-wop group member TENOR
Doom's partner GLOOM
Elevated flattop MESA
Elimination method ODDMANOUT
Extensive knowledge ERUDITION
Falls in flakes SNOWS
Famous rock star's widow ONO
Fancy buttons STUDS
Field of expertise AREA
Floral neckwear LEI
Generous one DONOR
Govt. purchasing agcy GSA
Hand-cream ingredient, often ALOE
He brown-bags it WINO
Impulse conductor AXON
Indigo or henna, e.g DYESTUFF
Inexact fig EST
Kids' defense to a principal THEYSTARTEDIT
Kin of Hindi URDU
Koko Head locale OAHU
Like horror flicks GORY
Like Salome's dance SENSUOUS
Like the game, to Sherlock Holmes AFOOT
Macbeth trio HAGS
Mail motto word NOR
Male turkey TOM
Man of wealth NAWAB
Mary Kay ___ of cosmetics ASH
Mjolnir wielder THOR
OK Corral gunfighter Earp WYATT
Oldie with "all alone and feeling blue" MEANDMYSHADOW
One inspired by Calliope POET
Overly pretentious ARTY
Owns HAS
Police officer's patrol BEAT
Pronoun for a woman SHE
Retort to an improbable threat YOUANDWHOSEARMY
Rusting agent OXIDE
San Antonio mission ALAMO
Signals assent NODS
Subway stations STOPS
Suffix for "velvet" EEN
Swamp plant SEDGE
Texan's stewpot OLLA
Time of reckoning DDAY
Transmitted SENT
Truck scale unit TON
Twosome DUAD
Unstressed vowel sounds SCHWAS
___ del Rey PLAYA

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