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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 10, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 10, 2014

"Will ya look at that!" OOH
A billion years (var.) AEON
A flowing OUTPOUR
Actor Martin LANDAU
Atlas septet SEAS
Autumn bloomers MUMS
Becomes fully involved IMMERSESONESELF
Big galoots LUGS
Biomedical research org NIH
Bridge over the Seine PONT
Brilliant thought IDEA
Came down to earth ALIT
Cardinal point WEST
Celestial ellipse ORBIT
Circle's beginning? SEMI
Clairvoyant's claim, for short ESP
Cursor targets ICONS
Daffy Duck feature LISP
Decapod crustacean CRAB
Designed for simple assembly MODULAR
Disrespect verbally, in slang DISS
Drop in the middle SAG
Exile site of 1814 ELBA
Feeling nothing NUMB
Flat-bottomed barge SCOW
Font embellishment SERIF
Frighten to the core UNMAN
Get an eyeful SEE
Gets sick AILS
Guest appearance CAMEO
Half a bar order? TAI
Hard fatty tissue SUET
Has a drink at the bar WETSONESWHISTLE
Heifer snare LASSO
Hold in check REIN
Household conveniences WASHINGMACHINES
International treaty PACT
Its symbol is an eagle (Abbr.) USPS
Jamaican music style REGGAE
Lapwing PEWIT
Litter box cry MEW
Massachusetts vacation spot HYANNIS
Metro entrance STILE
Most passe OLDEST
Nearest the top UPMOST
Not flunk PASS
Not in the profession LAY
One of the Triple Crown races BELMONT
Peacocks in stride STRUTTERS
Perry Mason's org ABA
Pheasant or capon, e.g FOWL
Pizzeria purchases OVENS
Place for a barge CANAL
Place known for corn IOWA
Preschool song start ABC
Rubies, pearls and such GEMS
Seize by force WREST
Select carefully CULL
Short-tempered TESTY
Speeder's penalty FINE
Start for "wit" or "picker" NIT
Stately trees ELMS
Strong aversion ODIUM
Stuff in styptic pencils ALUM
Swelling, particularly in plants EDEMA
Syringe filler SERUM
Team plus SPIRIT
The Seine is full of it EAU
To be, to Brutus ESSE
Tough boss TYRANT
Up in the air IFFY
Use a sickle REAP
___ ex machina (dramatic device) DEUS
___ the way (lead) PAVE

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