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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 05, 2014

"Finished!" THERE
"Is Genghis pro or ___?" KHAN
"Wake Up Little ___" SUSIE
100-eyed giant of myth ARGUS
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Adam's grandson ENOS
And others, briefly ETAL
Bit of bookie business BET
Bones in the pelvis ILIA
Bound for the record books GREAT
Buddhist shrine PAGODA
Catch, as one's nylons SNAG
Chalky mineral TALC
Circus structure TENT
Conceal in one's hand PALM
Conclusion preceder ERGO
Debate position ANTI
Dec. 26 event SALE
Dr. Frankenstein's hunch? IGOR
Early American patriot Silas DEANE
Eastern nurse AMAH
Egypt's capital CAIRO
Enough and then some AMPLE
Famous Japanese-American ONO
Florida's Key ___ LARGO
Flowerpot filler SOIL
Fruit for a twist LIME
Fudd or Gantry ELMER
Gambling cubes DICE
Gel from seaweed AGAR
Genuine REAL
Grant an appeal for REHEAR
Harp's old cousin LYRE
Hartebeest hunter LION
High, rocky hill TOR
Horne of entertainment LENA
Hot and cold spells AGUE
Ice cream shop orders MALTS
In biology, it's applied to a genus PROPRIETARYTERM
Juvenile development ACNE
Kind of fusion or fission NUCLEAR
King topper ACE
Legendary actress Sophia LOREN
Living thing BIONT
Look as though SEEM
Lure into an illegal act ENTRAP
Make a mess of MANGLE
Make an allusion (to) REFER
Memory joggers NOTES
Mexican homes CASAS
Middle name in macabre ALLAN
Mild stimulant from a tree BETELNUT
Miss Piggy's word MOI
Muddy the water RILE
Office worker CLERK
One type of parking PARALLEL
Operatic piece ARIA
Orange type NAVEL
Oscar-winner Jannings EMIL
Passport authorization VISA
Place for old trunks ATTIC
Priestly garment ALB
Questionnaire question AGE
Russian/Kazakh river URAL
Sanaa resident YEMENI
Secret language ARGOT
Sgt. or cpl NONCOM
Tantalizer on a hook BAIT
Title for a Romanov TSAR
Torrents or downpours DELUGES
Very heavy weight TON
What a steamroller flattens TAR
What many celebrities have NAMERECOGNITION
___ and take notice SITUP
___ du Flambeau, Wisc LAC

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