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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 04, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 04, 2014

"Ahem" alternative PSST
"Anyone ___?" ELSE
"Fiddlesticks!" PSHAW
Accepted by vote again READOPTED
Accessory for Superman CAPE
Adjust beforehand PRESET
Aerie hatchling EAGLET
All the ___ (immaterial) SAME
Andorra la ___ (Pyrenees capital) VELLA
Author Roberts NORA
Balsam ___ FIR
Belching flames AFIRE
Big-mouthed pitcher EWER
Bring home from work EARN
Brits' air arm RAF
Business card no TEL
Coffee-to-go necessity LID
Common email attachment type PDF
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Curtain support ROD
Encouraging sound RAH
Enthusiasm AVIDNESS
Expensive fungi TRUFFLES
Farthest (Abbr.) ULT
Fireplace shelf MANTEL
Frighten UNNERVE
Get a load of ESPY
Gibson of "Braveheart" MEL
Good thing ASSET
Got fed up? ATE
Gravelly voiced speaker RASPER
Guitar part FRET
Hairy cousin ITT
High point on a European tour? ALP
In and of ___ ITSELF
It may be dotted? ANI
It's stuck on some mail FIRSTCLASSSTAMP
Items used by good buddies? CBS
Judicial comments DICTA
Last word before dinner, often AMEN
Like a clarinet REEDED
Like a fire truck RED
Marc of distinction ANTONY
Memo directive ASAP
Moscow monarch, once TSAR
Necessity for a tailor NEEDLE
Newspaper customers READERS
Not at all distinct BLEARY
One might be heard under a balcony SERENADE
Outcast MISFIT
Palm fruit DATES
Prelude to a license TEST
Put into action USE
Record of events LOG
Riles IRKS
Schooner feature MAST
Shaggy Scandinavian rug RYA
Shift neighbor ENTER
Sound in body HALE
Sounds heard in a library SHS
Suit of cards SPADE
Tennis legend Chris' family EVERTS
Tooth-care pros' org ADA
Traffic halter STOPLIGHT
Undulating fish EEL
Victorian or Edwardian ERA
Wading birds STORKS
What a party invitation might specify ATTIRE
Words before "king" or "mode" ALA
___ Juan Hill SAN
___ Lanka SRI

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