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USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 02, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Sep 02, 2014

"Iliad" setting TROY
"In ___ case . . ." ANY
"What's the ___?" (quitter's comment) USE
Abbr. on many letters POBOX
Addams Family member ITT
Airborne distractions FLIES
AMA members DRS
Anagram for "ante" ETNA
Animal that howls LOBO
Archibald and Thurmond NATES
Beards, as of oats AWNS
Benched too long RUSTY
Better-be-safe choice BOTH
Bonet or Loeb LISA
Canonized femme (Abbr.) STE
Carpet-maker's fiber ISTLE
Christmas seasons YULES
City on Japan's Honshu OSAKA
Cobbled together MADE
Contributes to the cause AIDS
Copernicus, on the moon CRATER
Couch-potato option CBS
DeVito's "Taxi" role LOUIE
Difficulties SNAGS
Enter into conflict ENGAGE
F on a test paper FALSE
Fashionably passe RETRO
Frankenstein monster feature SCAR
Get rid of files on a PC ERASE
Got a load of EYED
Hardly the macho type SISSY
Instrument for the tongue DEPRESSOR
Large ocean-dweller SEI
Lee found in the supermarket SARA
Momma's soulmate POPPA
Nickel-and-___ (cheapskate) DIMER
Old-fashioned exclamation EGAD
Olympic competitor ATHLETE
One may exert pressure PEER
One of Marge Simpson's sisters SELMA
Pakistani coin RUPEE
Partner of hope and charity FAITH
Piece maker? COLT
Piece of Olympic equipment EPEE
Plume's source EGRET
Prefix for morons? OXY
Prince Charles served in it (Abbr.) RAF
Provoked (with "on") EGGED
Rocky mountain peaks TORS
Round pastries DONUTS
Shakespearean character ROMEO
Singing range of most women ALTO
Small valuables GEMS
Sob story subject WOE
Social tier CASTE
Some Indian music pieces RAGAS
Some late-game football tactics PREVENTDEFENSES
Some trumpeters ELEPHANTS
Sounder of mind SANER
Soviet prison camp GULAG
Stare appreciatively OGLE
Trough filler FEED
Vigor PEP
Westminster concern BREED
Whitney's jet engine partner PRATT
Wooer's request YES
Words of disrespect SASS
Words with "Mr. Nice Guy!" NOMORE
You may keep tabs on them FOLDERS
Zest for life ELAN
___ Dawn Chong RAE
___ out (gets by) EKES
___ up (accelerate) REV
___-do-well (scoundrel) NEER

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