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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 31, 2014

"Hungry, hungry" critter of a kid's game HIPPO
"Now, wait just a ___!" SEC
17th letter of the Greek alphabet RHO
Additive to some tissues ALOE
After-dinner speech, sometimes TRIBUTE
Andean stimulants COCAS
Auger, e.g BORER
Beany's cartoon pal CECIL
Cask attachment TAP
Checkered vehicles CABS
Cheerios grain OAT
Cigarette output ASH
Clavell's "___-Pan" TAI
Close-fitting short jacket COATEE
Coffee container CAN
Competition site ARENA
Completely absorbed RAPT
Doesn't exist ISNT
Double-reed orchestra instrument OBOE
Dr. McGraw of TV PHIL
Ebenezer Scrooge epithet BAH
Encircle GIRD
Example in one's thesis, perhaps CASESTUDY
Fair way to divide things up EVENLY
Formerly, previously ERST
Forming clumps CAKY
Gambling and boozing, for two VICES
Half a chocolate? BON
Hebrew month preceding Yom Kippur ELUL
Holier than ___ THOU
Humiliate ABASH
Hunter's get-up VEST
Icicle site EAVE
Ill at ___ EASE
Light metallic sound TING
Like certain sums TIDY
London, Baltimore and Paris CITIES
Luau entertainer, briefly UKE
Madagascar primate INDRI
Mishmash or medley OLIO
Most memorable CATCHIEST
Office building owner, often LESSOR
Opera solo ARIA
Pasture animal SHEEP
Peace agreement PACT
Pedestal part DADO
Pen room CELL
Photo on metal TINTYPE
Pitcher of milk? ELSIE
Play divisions ACTS
Reason for some grants NEED
Reason to see a doctor IRRITATINGCOUGH
Retro restaurant AUTOMAT
Rhythmical stress ICTUS
Sapsucker's home NEST
Shrek and Fiona, for two OGRES
Single-principle philosopher MONIST
Snatch a schnauzer DOGNAP
Soccer pair? CEES
Some bridge seats EASTS
Stand at the banquet? DAIS
The Taj Mahal's town AGRA
They're spotted in Vegas DICE
Things you'd rather not do BOTHERSOMETASKS
This may be deductible LOSS
Thunderous sound BOOM
Tibetan monk LAMA
Tight-mouthed MUM
Toeing the party line LOYAL
Took a shine to LIKED
Track legend Lewis CARL
Type of pool GENE
When the night darkens MOONSET
Wife of Lennon ONO
Writer Waugh ALEC

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