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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 30, 2014

"Battleship Potemkin" mutiny locale ODESSA
"Beau ___" GESTE
"Botch-___" (Rosemary Clooney hit) AME
"Doubt" star STREEP
"Just the Way You ___" ARE
"Surfin' ___" (Beach Boys hit) USA
"The Age of Bronze" sculptor RODIN
"Winnie ___ Pu" ILLE
"___ Bulba" (Gogol novel) TARAS
"___ New York minute" INA
A professor's duster? TEACHERSMAID
Adam Wainwright's defense against an angry batsman? PITCHINGMACE
Annapolis sch USNA
Assess proportionally PRORATE
Baseball's Maglie SAL
Benchmarks (Abbr.) STDS
Betel nut source ARECA
Black, to Blake EBON
Boat race REGATTA
Booster Club mem ALUM
Brit singer Lewis LEONA
Carson's predecessor PAAR
Character in "A Passage To India" ADELA
Chesterfields SOFAS
Comedian Philips EMO
Commissioned naval officer ENSIGN
Corporate department SALES
Deadly virus EBOLA
Descendant of Shem SEMITE
Dickens' title beginning ATALE
Duck or hue TEAL
Edward R. Murrow TV program SEEITNOW
Foul mood SNIT
Garish light NEON
Give the OK ASSENT
Hearts, e.g SUIT
It's often bid ADIEU
Keep an ___ the ground EARTO
Lex Luthor's foe SUPERMAN
Man of many parts ACTOR
Maugham work about a sweet-toothed gal's dream date? CAKESANDMALE
MGM co-founder LOEW
Mrs., in Madrid SRA
New parents' purchases CRIBS
Noted Penn name SEAN
Of a blood line AORTAL
Part of Q.E.F. or Q.E.D ERAT
Part of some sweatshirts HOOD
Paul's prison mate SILAS
Paving material TAR
Pendulum's path ARC
Peninsula lost and recaptured during WWII BATAAN
Plant anchorer ROOT
Press for URGE
Puts a question to ASKS
Rainbow components HUES
Recovery program REHAB
Rocky peaks TORS
She, in Sicily ESSA
Sheds tears WEEPS
Shells and shot AMMO
Sugar source CANE
Sultan's wives HAREM
Swimming stroke CRAWL
Take a date to a movie GOOUT
Theater box LOGE
Vehicle weights sans cargo TARES
Weirdos KOOKS
Where left-wingers shop? LIBERALMARTS
Words from a fortune-teller ISEEA
Writer ___ Ingalls Wilder LAURA
___ a time (individually) ONEAT
___ elephant (part of a tot's lesson) EFOR
___ Science Fiction & Fact (magazine) ANALOG

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