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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 28, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 28, 2014

"No ___ Traffic" THRU
7-Down phrase (with "All") SYSTEMSGO
Aesthetic judgment TASTE
Allows LETS
Benign growth WEN
Bird's building NEST
Bottled spirits GENII
Bring forth BEGET
Cape Canaveral acronym NASA
Cards taken with a pat hand NONE
Casey Jones' was one (Abbr.) ENGR
Celebration for former British colonies COMMONWEALTHDAY
Close of Hollywood GLENN
Coltrane's instrument SAX
Construction rock SANDSTONE
Discount time SALE
Disrespect verbally SASS
Do the work of a pipefitter WELD
Dog treats BONES
Draw, as conclusions EDUCE
Dry riverbeds WADIS
Duke Ellington's "Take ___ Train" THEA
Eastern potentate (var.) AMEER
Elephant's sound BELLOW
Eye product TEAR
Flowerless plant FERN
Forest creature DEER
Forgo, as one's rights WAIVE
Gladiator's spot ARENA
Greyhound, e.g BUS
Guitarist Lofgren NILS
Half of a one-two LEFT
Hawaii doesn't observe it (var.) DAYLIGHTSAVINGS
Human cannonball catcher NET
Ill-gotten gains LOOT
In addition TOBOOT
It can be golf-ball sized HAIL
It may be spun at sea TALE
It's seen briefly at the end of a list? ETC
Kind of clock ALARM
Like a good villain EVIL
Like some puzzles EASY
Low-cholesterol spread OLEO
Mary-Kate or Ashley OLSEN
Member of Indian royalty RANI
Merit EARN
Mingling with AMONG
Mountaineer's tool ICEAX
Mutual of ___ OMAHA
Object of devotion ICON
One way to go EAST
Option for demolishers TNT
Penultimate fairy tale word EVER
Psychic's card TAROT
Red starter INFRA
Saarinen's St. Louis design ARCH
Serve tables WAIT
Shades of blue CYANS
Shout "heads up!" ALERT
Social pariahs BOORS
Something unseen about you AURA
Speak boastfully VAUNT
Spiritedness ELAN
Storm pushers FRONTS
Tech. school INST
Tell a secret LETON
Test outcome RESULT
The L of L-dopa LEVO
Thunderous god THOR
Time for swearing? INAUGURATIONDAY
Took a straw DREW
Treasury bill TEN
Tree type ELM
Ty of the Baseball Hall of Fame COBB
Ultimatum word ELSE
Very, in music ASSAI
Yemen city on its own gulf ADEN
Yuletide beverages NOGS

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