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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 27, 2014

"Bother" or "trouble" ending SOME
"Neither snow ___ rain . . ." NOR
Abundant store LODE
Animated Krusty, for one CLOWN
Barry Sanders' old team LIONS
Big name in lawn care ORTHO
Bird that's more than rare DODO
Boom support MAST
Can't help but MUST
Chronicles ANNALS
Coat part ARM
Copter cousins GIROS
Deli meat SALAMI
Desert Storm country IRAQ
Discouraging word? BOO
Distorts, as test results SKEWS
Early Christian pulpit AMBO
Egg cells OVA
Excellent, to a Brit SLAPUP
Fall off ABATE
Game show question: "Is that ___?" YOURFINALANSWER
Game show title, with 54-Across WHOWANTSTOBE
Game-ending exclamation GIN
Grocery tote BAG
Guam, for one (Abbr.) TERR
Half a Black Forest spa BADEN
Hardly the most LEAST
Help-seeking letters SOS
Helps nefariously ABETS
In the next couple minutes SOON
Insect organ PALP
Instill courage into INSPIRIT
Like long letters from old friends NEWSY
Likely to talk back SASSY
Make a mistake ERR
Make murky ROIL
More deceitful SLIER
Mount Rushmore feature FACE
Mustache type: Fu ___ MANCHU
Need to reimburse OWE
Neither his nor hers ITS
New York river EAST
No ifs, ___ or buts ANDS
One in a quiver ARROW
Opposite of transparent OPAQUE
Pangs of conscience REMORSE
Place for discussion FORUM
Poker pot-builder ANTE
Rangoon's place BURMA
Ready to serve, as ale ONTAP
Ricky's landlady ETHEL
Score for an ace ONE
Shaped with an ax HEWED
Short piece of pencil NUB
Silver salmon COHOS
Snowy mo DEC
Song for Carmen ARIA
Sound from the fold BAA
Stick up for DEFEND
Submit to gravity SAG
Swedish monetary unit KRONA
Symbol for density RHO
Table tennis needs PADDLES
They cover a few feet SOCKS
They have pressing business IRONS
They put gadgets to work USERS
Truffle relative MOREL
Wasn't in the dark KNEW
Wayne Gretzky was one OILER
What one is not EVEN
Word on a road sign THRU
Writer's point? NIB
___ fixe (persistent thought) IDEE
___ Geste BEAU
___ mater ALMA
___ Rock (Australian landmark) AYERS

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