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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 23, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 23, 2014

"Can you believe this?" look STARE
"Cheers" actress Perlman RHEA
"I Got Life" musical HAIR
"Party of Five" actress Campbell NEVE
"Shrinking" flower VIOLET
"___ Doubtfire" MRS
1492 ship NINA
Absinthe flavor ANISE
Accuse tentatively ALLEGE
Adds fat for cooking LARDS
Alaska, once (Abbr.) TERR
Allowed to use for a while LENT
Arms storehouse ARSENAL
Avoid, as capture EVADE
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Bad snacks for computer operators? ROTTENAPPLES
Barbecue offerings, perhaps STEAKS
Bias who died young LEN
Big name in flatware ONEIDA
Braggadocio BRAVADO
Bread machine cycle KNEAD
Brother of Jack and Bobby TED
Business mogul TYCOON
Cause of weakness, perhaps ANEMIA
Central story line PLOT
Coat material? PAINT
Computer operator's health problem? SLIPPEDDISKS
Crawled cautiously CREPT
Feelings of dread ANGSTS
Forgetful computer operator's lack? SHORTTERMMEMORY
Got into the swing? SAT
Guttural, phonetically VELAR
Have an obligation to pay OWE
Hawaiian garland LEI
Home for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles SEWER
Homophone for "eight" ATE
It may be shed TEAR
It's taken by a fall guy RAP
Lanky cowpoke's nickname, perhaps SLIM
Legally prohibit ESTOP
Monte Cristo, par exemple COMTE
More perceptive KEENER
Most tardy LATEST
Notwithstanding that, briefly THO
On a plane, train or bus ABOARD
One of the Big Three at Yalta STALIN
Order member, perhaps SISTER
Part of the lung AIRSAC
Parting of the Pacific? ALOHA
Picador's prey TORO
Praise to the heavens LAUD
Put-down SLAM
Rocky mountain peaks TORS
Seek a response from ASK
Small yellowish-green finch SERIN
Some Greek vowels IOTAS
Some Monopoly cards DEEDS
Stat on an ATM receipt AMT
State categorically AVOW
Stinging insect WASP
Surfing place INTERNET
Takes one's turn GOES
The older Gershwin brother IRA
Thine and mine OURS
Title for French ladies MESDAMES
Type of arch OGEE
Uncomplicated state EASE
Under the weather SICKLY
Vaccine variety ORAL
Voice of Bugs and Daffy MEL
Warring Olympian ARES
Where some people request to be buried ATSEA
Where to see some icons, briefly CRT
Wild finish? EST
Wintry ground cover HOAR
Word before a discounted price, perhaps ONLY

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