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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 22, 2014

"Bingo!" AHA
"Dig in!" EAT
"Peter Pan" dog NANA
"Scream" star Campbell NEVE
"The Sopranos" were seen there HBO
"You got that right" TRUE
007 title country RUSSIA
4 x 4, briefly UTE
And others, for short ETAL
Athena's shield AEGIS
Bad ___, Germany EMS
Bible preposition UNTO
Big first for baby STEP
Billion years (var.) AEON
Bird of peace DOVE
Bulrush, e.g SEDGE
Bygone automaker OLDS
Canaanite deity BAAL
Capsize UPEND
Captain's place on a ship HELM
Chills, fever and sweating AGUE
Cleanse with soap and water LAVE
Clear the clutter NEATEN
Color combo you might stand for REDWHITEANDBLUE
Controlling powers REINS
Crazy Horse, for one SIOUX
Destroyed, as the dragon SLEW
Dorm-room noodles RAMEN
Early development sites? UTERI
Edible root EDDO
Equilateral parallelograms RHOMBI
Flow back, as a tide EBB
Golden Fleece-bearing craft ARGO
Green or jelly BEAN
Group of renowned experts BLUERIBBONPANEL
Helpful, as a tool UTILE
In functioning condition USABLE
It's company, it's said TWO
It's highly flammable TINDER
It's mind-boggling ENIGMA
Kind of food or group ETHNIC
Knowing, as a secret INON
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Lawyers' grp ABA
Legal claim to property LIEN
Los ___, Calif ALTOS
Mayberryesque RURAL
Mexican-American, for one LATINO
Mexico's leader? NEW
Missile housing SILO
More disgusting ICKIER
New version of a song, sometimes REMIX
No neatnik SLOVEN
Not doing much of anything IDLE
October star sign LIBRA
Particles with a charge IONS
Prefix for "bytes" or "bucks" MEGA
Press, fold and stretch KNEAD
Pulpit of old AMBO
Quark's place ATOM
Read electronically SCAN
Salad garnish RADISH
Some batteries AAS
Southpaw (var.) LEFTIE
Steep artificial slope ESCARP
Took the honors WON
Totally unforeseen event BOLTFROMTHEBLUE
Trumpeter's doodad MUTE
Type of stew DAUBE
Up to the time that UNTIL
Vocally twangy NASAL
Where many Indians live DELHI
Without lumps SMOOTH
Worn-down pencils NUBS
___ rock (David Bowie style) GLAM
___ the other (choice words) ONEOR

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