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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 20, 2014

"It's been ___ pleasure" AREAL
"Well, ___ be darned!" ILL
"You're it" game TAG
A.D.: In the year of ___ OURLORD
Ad follow-up? HOC
All-purpose truck, for short UTE
Aussie bird EMU
Baba, for one ALI
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Bad way for a package to arrive DAMAGED
Bee Gees or the Stooges, e.g TRIO
Bert's pal ERNIE
Blood relatives KINDRED
Blues' Holiday BILLIE
Bounced off the rail CAROMED
Brings down on the gridiron TACKLES
Carried on, as a war WAGED
Certain hearings OYERS
Churchill signal VEE
Cleansing immersions BATHS
Coat makeup PAINT
Combustible pile PYRE
Computer memory units BYTES
Dollar divisions CENTS
Done for KAPUT
Dykstra or Cariou LEN
Energetic for one's age SPRY
Extractors' org ADA
Eyed cheesecake OGLED
Far from original BANAL
Formal declaration VOW
From a distance AFAR
Furniture layout DECOR
Get ___ start (run behind) ALATE
Gold standard PAR
Holiday thresholds EVES
Home run slang TATER
It's measured in luxes ILLUMINANCE
Land near water SHORE
Last name in psychoanalysis FREUD
Life of ___ (ease) RILEY
Liquored-up sound HIC
List abbr ETC
Mail-order catalog name SPIEGEL
Make a better bow RETIE
Morning intake, for many VITAMINPILL
Noted Turner TED
Old summoner of a sort PAGER
Pacific republic NAURU
Paddle's cousin OAR
Past one's peak OVERTHEHILL
Period in history ERA
Poker pay-in ANTE
Polio vaccine pioneer Jonas SALK
Prepared for a firing AIMED
Printer's selections FONTS
Really peeved IRATE
Singer Rawls LOU
Sixth month of the Jewish calendar ADAR
Soap ingredient LYE
Some grove workers PICKERS
Something to set up for later yrs IRA
Sound off in the Senate, e.g ORATE
Speak without thinking PRATE
Splits into two equal pieces HALVES
Stages of sleep REMS
Start to practice? MAL
Tare factor TON
Teacake SCONE
The "S" in T.S. Eliot STEARNS
Thing to do TASK
Total lack of interest ENNUI
Underway AFOOT
Well-publicized shindig BASH
Woodpecker's tool NEB
Wooly beast LLAMA
Worldwide labor org ILO

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