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USA Today Crossword Answer - Aug 19, 2014

"A Bug's Life" creature ANT
"A rat!" EEK
"Absolutely!" YES
"Bleah!" UGH
"Fantasy Island" prop LEI
"Hee ___" HAW
"My Fair Lady" race place ASCOT
"Pygmalion" author SHAW
"To Autumn" poet KEATS
A natural abrasive SAND
Absconded with STOLE
Alaska on a map, sometimes INSET
AT&T, for one TELCO
Auction participants BIDDERS
Author Levin IRA
Beauty shop employee TINTER
Begone beginning WOE
Bent one's elbow DRANK
Billiard table cloth BAIZE
Bird related to the puffin AUK
Breathing fire IRATE
Brownish purple PUCE
Can material TIN
Charles Dutton TV title role ROC
Clearly it's a wrap SARAN
Collard relative KALE
Come up with, as money RAISE
Common revenue sources ADS
Comparatively recent NEWER
Cul-de-___ SAC
Damsel's rescuer WHITEKNIGHT
Dances that tell stories HULAS
Dependent, perhaps CHILD
For a short span AWHILE
Go-between AGENT
Grazing locale LEA
Having gumption PLUCKY
Hit the hay SNOOZED
Houseboat, for one BARGE
It may be grand PRIZE
It may be temporary SETBACK
Letter in some fraternity names PHI
Light paint color OYSTERWHITE
Like "Night Gallery" stories EERIE
Like good operating rooms STERILE
Like office managers, e.g WHITECOLLAR
Lullaby rocker CRADLE
Misplay a grounder ERR
Neck discomfort CRICK
No longer married, in a way WIDOWED
Not in a fog AWARE
Of the highest class ELITE
One of five in this puzzle WHITE
Ornamental shoulder pad EPAULET
Plank producer SAWMILL
Port west of Paris BREST
Portable rocket launcher BAZOOKA
Post-sandwich sandwich OREO
Prussia's von Bismarck OTTO
Psychic's sensations VIBES
Pussycat's seafaring partner OWL
Ralph of "The Waltons" WAITE
Record material VINYL
See-through item? IRIS
Something to tote BAG
Suffix for "velvet" EEN
Swing without connecting MISS
That woman's HER
Things caught on the beach RAYS
Tooth, in slang PEARLYWHITE
Verb suffix in the Bible ETH
Walk in shallow water WADE
Washstand accessories EWERS
Wedding-cake feature TIER
Western drama OATER
Word between two surnames NEE
Yard enclosure HEDGE
___ and sciences ARTS

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