September 21 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"E.T." or "A.I." genreSCIFI
"To my recollection . . ."ITHINKSO
"___ Girls" (Gene Kelly movie)LES
"___ out!" (ump's call)YER
A bibilical son of RebekahESAU
Add a clause to, sayAMEND
Adjective for some alesPALE
Admitted fault, informallyATECROW
Alternatives to boos and hissesHOOTS
Amtrak's "bullet train"ACELA
Ancient region of Asia MinorIONIA
Anthony's ex-partner on XM radioOPIE
Antler sportersSTAGS
Aromatherapy spotSPA
Asteroid named for a Greek godEROS
Atomic-powered placekicker's asset?NUCLEARFOOT
Baby's cry, in comicsWAH
Bangalore wrapSARI
Battleship salvo at a shoreline?BEACHVOLLEY
Botanist GrayASA
Brazilian hot spot, for shortRIO
British monarch, 1910-1936GEORGEV
Captain of the ArgoJASON
Charms on chainsPENDANTS
Closely monitored hosp. areasICUS
Commotion, to the BardADO
Core principleTENET
Deferred payment at the barRANATAB
Dentist's request after "open"WIDER
Element above radon in the periodic tableXENON
Expressive art in a textEMOJI
Fab Four surnameSTARR
Find a job forPLACE
Fodder for reddit.comMEME
Garfield's masterJON
Got, as revengeEXACTED
Hockey's ___ Jose SharksSAN
In-flight announcements, for shortETAS
Instrument on the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black"SITAR
Interbank payment abbrEFT
Irish pound's replacementEURO
It's needed to win a lotteryLUCK
Kemper of "The Office"ELLIE
Leaks slowlySEEPS
Like an unaffiliated repIND
Like aspartameSWEET
Like Jack, in rhymeNIMBLE
Long-necked waterfowlCRANE
Lorna of fictionDOONE
Lose one's footingSLIP
LP or board flawWARP
Meth lab raiderNARC
Moore of "G.I. Jane"DEMI
Move furtivelySIDLE
Muffed pop-up, say, and a hint to this puzzle's themeDROPPEDBALL
New England gridder, for shortPAT
Not in favor ofAGAINST
Not very manySOME
Number that's its own squareONE
On cloud nineELATED
Rail splitter's toolAXE
Shark's "West Side Story" foeJET
Singing voice, slangilyPIPES
Skate park featuresRAMPS
Sleep problemAPNEA
Sorry! or Parcheesi piecePAWN
Spreadsheet part (Abbr.)COL
Talk trash toDIS
Teacher's high-level degEDD
Texter's "carpe diem"YOLO
Toward the rudderAFT
Turtledove's soundCOO
Verbal explosionsTIRADES
W-2 infoSSN
Windy City hubOHARE
World's fastest pitcher?HUMANCANNON