November 26 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Dallas" family nameEWING
"Didn't I tell you?"SEE
"I ___ return!"SHALL
"Nothing but net" soundSWISH
"Now I understand"AHYES
1984 Peace Nobelist DesmondTUTU
Access All ___ (words on a pass)AREAS
Actor Rob or ChadLOWE
Altar declarationIDO
Arid expanse of AfricaSAHARA
Autobiography, e.gLIFESTORY
Baseball maneuver seen primarily in the National LeagueDOUBLESWITCH
Berry who played a Bond GirlHALLE
Beverage store bagfulICE
Bloom of Blue Oyster CultERIC
Canvas supporterEASEL
Celestial bearURSA
Charlotte of "Diff'rent Strokes"RAE
Claim innocence ofDENY
Competitive edgeINSIDETRACK
Conveyance in a shaftELEVATORCAR
Cousins of lagersALES
Cricket rival of EtonHARROW
Daiquiri liquorRUM
Dating site datumAGE
Declare off-limitsBAN
Dressmakers' linesHEMS
Drum with two headsSNARE
Forbidden fruit siteEDEN
Four of a decathlon's eventsRACES
Gave chase toRANAFTER
Generic dog's nameSPOT
Grand ___ (Freeport's island)BAHAMA
Half a sawbuckFIN
Knock down a pegABASE
Lead-in to "la la"OOH
Lean and muscularWIRY
Like a cold fishALOOF
Like cappuccino, vis-a-vis a latteFOAMIER
Literary salesman WillyLOMAN
Little shaverLAD
Loose-fitting shirtCAMISE
Low-calorie Miller brewLITE
Lucy of "Kung Fu Panda"LIU
Madame CurieMARIE
Magazine for execsINC
Narcissist's loveSELF
On pins and needlesAGOG
One of a noted seagoing trioPINTA
Part of the psycheEGO
Passenger-wanding orgTSA
Pee Wee in CooperstownREESE
Petty of the HeartbreakersTOM
Place for a braceletANKLE
Point a finger atBLAME
Political hit jobSMEAR
Porter who wrote of PareeCOLE
Rebuke to BrutusETTU
Round Table addressSIRE
Served, as on a jurySAT
Snickering syllableHEH
Stand firm againstRESIST
Starts an inningLEADSOFF
Strait of Hormuz sultanateOMAN
Surgery ctrsORS
Tagged on a scoring attemptOUTATHOME
Tolstoy's "___ Karenina"ANNA
Tyler of "The Leftovers"LIV
Unaccompanied, at a partySTAG
Wanting it allGREEDY
Whodunit elementCLUE
Wight or ManISLE
Word after civic or juryDUTY
Worm-___ (decrepit)EATEN
___ blocker (heart medication)BETA
___ rock (Hendrix genre)ACID
___ vapeur (steamed)ALA