November 25 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Bingo ___ Yale" (Porter song)ELI
"Yeah, sure"ASIF
"___ live and breathe!"ASI
Architect's offeringDESIGN
Arroz con ___ (Spanish dish)POLLO
Assign to a roleCAST
Attraction being phased out by SeaWorldORCA
Barista's servingCOFFEE
Box-office buy, slangilyDUCAT
Burgundy grapePINOT
Capacious bagTOTE
Capital in which kroner are spentOSLO
Cheerleading groupSQUAD
Colorful marblesAGATES
Crunchy sandwich, for shortBLT
Darjeeling or pekoeTEA
Defective cherry bombDUD
Ecstasy's antithesisAGONY
Enclosure with a troughSTY
Fall hueOCHER
First name in honestyABE
Flight board listings, informallySKEDS
Garden intruderWEED
Gives the cold shoulder toSHUNS
Go sky-highSOAR
Grammarian's concernUSAGE
Guitars, to guitaristsAXES
Heal, as boneMEND
Hits the roofRAGES
Improve, as wineAGE
Island also called Rapa NuiEASTER
Italian auto make that's an acronymFIAT
Item found in ruinsRELIC
Kevin of "Dave"KLINE
Like a clogged dryer filterLINTY
Like skating on thin iceRISKY
Lines from emceesINTROS
Lyric poet of ThebesPINDAR
Makes a gaffeERRS
Meatloaf servingSLAB
Monopoly cardDEED
NAFTA signatoryUSA
Need an ice pack, perhapsACHE
Numero ___ (first-rate)UNO
Offer comfort toSOLACE
One in a 10KRACER
Owning a large amount of landACRED
Patrick in the Basketball Hall of FameEWING
Places with hot springsSPAS
Plan partsSTEPS
Poetic palindromeERE
Political housecleaningPURGE
Postseason slotPLAYOFFBERTH
Prefix with centerEPI
Propeller partBLADE
Put into a seatELECT
Ran like madTORE
Result of a successful blitzQUARTERBACKSACK
Roxie's husband in "Chicago"AMOS
Sans-serif typefaceARIAL
Shopaholic's bingeSPREE
Showed contempt forSPATAT
Some history test answersDATES
Stephen F. Austin, notablyTEXAN
The black pawns, e.gOCTET
Transaction at baseball's Winter MeetingsTRADE
Twist the arm ofURGE
Victim of curiosity, in a sayingCAT
Victim of PizarroINCA
Waiting room amenityMAGAZINERACK
Weather map figuresHIGHS
West Coast state, informallyCALI
Wiesel with a NobelELIE
Word after legal or foreignAID
Worst possible gradeZERO