July 3 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Match Game" host BaldwinALEC
"Missile Command" game companyATARI
"Punkin" covering, in poetryFROST
"You and who ___?"ELSE
25-Across terminus, oftenOCEAN
5-Down agents, e.gFEDS
Abarth automakerFIAT
Acts the bootlickerFAWNS
Allay, as fearsEASE
Any of Mel Blanc's manyVOICE
Bear with a too-soft bedMAMA
Bird mummified by EgyptiansIBIS
Campaigner's blunderGAFFE
Celebrity tourney, perhapsPROAM
Chaplinesque figuresTRAMPS
Coin many suggest phasing outCENT
Common lab animalsMICE
Crest containersTUBES
Door ding, e.gDENT
Dupes in inboxesCCS
Early weapon materialSTONE
Egg farm flockHENS
Fave food for Homer SimpsonDONUT
George Orwell's alma materETON
Give a deep massage toROLF
Goes unusedSITS
Govt. property orgGSA
Hazmat-monitoring orgOSHA
Hindrance to teamwork, perhapsEGO
Is concernedGIVESAHOOT
It may be assumed or droppedNAME
Kunis of "Ted"MILA
Lampshade shadeECRU
Like a scratched space shotNOGO
Listings on Monopoly deedsRENTS
Makes a monkey ofFOOLS
Makes ecstaticELATES
Many a message from TrumpLIVETWEET
Maze wordENTER
Mincemeat ingredient, perhapsSUET
Movie star's doubleSTANDIN
New York's East River, technicallySTRAIT
No longer fizzyFLAT
Nonreactive, as heliumINERT
Not nearly as many as 14-AcrossAFEW
Optimist's declarationICAN
Place name from which "Cajun" comesACADIA
Post-op stop, for shortICU
Post-Pilates feeling, perhapsACHE
Q&A partANS
Render unreadable, in a wayENCODE
Seeks directions, sayASKS
Seeming eternityEON
Shaded recessARBOR
Sitcom with a famous "outing"ELLEN
Skin So Soft makerAVON
Slap with a summonsCITE
Sprung upARISEN
Stars that flare up, then fadeNOVAS
Stash overheadSTOW
Stupid sortDUMBCLUCK
Suffer humiliationEATCROW
Systems in man cavesSTEREOS
Take an axe toCLEAVE
The Auld Sod, poeticallyERIN
Thumb one's nose atSCORN
Tommy John surgery siteARM
Touch uponABUT
Tram loadsORES
Vail or Aspen, to a skierMECCA
Viking of the comicsHAGAR
Whisper sweet nothingsBILLANDCOO
Wind ___ (pilot's problem)SHEAR
Word before cone or crabSNOW
Zeroes outRESETS
___-G suitANTI