July 16 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Mitla Pass" author LeonURIS
"Must-see" reviewRAVE
"One more thing . . ."ALSO
100 percent effortLEVELBEST
All settled upEVENSTEVEN
Anderson of rock's Jethro TullIAN
Arkin of "Argo"ALAN
Bakery allureAROMA
Barfly, for shortDIPSO
Behave like a bratACTUP
Bit of subterfugePLOY
Burger-joint beverageCOLA
Cheer at the corridaOLE
Complete Topps series, e.gCARDSET
Comstock's bonanzaLODE
Cries out loudSOBS
Cross-shaped Greek letterTAU
Cry following an errant driveFORE
Dark clouds, to someOMEN
Dean of "Lois & Clark"CAIN
Did another take ofRETAPED
Drop in the mailSENDOUT
Emeril catchwordBAM
Enjoy the kiddie poolWADE
Exit hastilySCAT
Expel from law practiceDISBAR
FBI director fired by TrumpCOMEY
Feature of an unrifled firearmSMOOTHBORE
Feeling of uneaseMALAISE
First principle of KwanzaaUNITY
Forgiveness, as to draft evadersAMNESTY
Fruit for a twistLIME
Fruit in fruit cocktailPEAR
Garbage-hauling vesselSCOW
Gavel pounder's demandORDER
Grain used in brewing Coors LightCORN
Has in mindINTENDS
HDTV screen featureFLATPANEL
Heal, as boneMEND
Hook's henchmanSMEE
How fish may be packedINICE
Iberian Peninsula riverEBRO
Id counterpartEGO
In the thick ofAMID
Lawrence of Arabia's mountCAMEL
Line-___ vetoITEM
Locale of a tiny "hammer"EAR
Look through a keyholePEER
Madonna-and-son depictionPIETA
Mince and Boston creamPIES
Motocross wheels, brieflyATV
Mythical goat-menSATYRS
Net plus tareGROSS
Nutty as a fruitcakeLOOPY
Oater pursuit groupPOSSE
One of the Oyls of "Thimble Theatre"OLIVE
Pair in a "dead man's hand"ACES
Patronize Amazon.comSHOP
PC key below "Insert"DELETE
Places for rubber duckiesTUBS
Play for a patsyUSE
Plugging awayATIT
Sargasso Sea spawnersEELS
Seeger of folkPETE
Shirts with slogansTEES
Spills hot coffee on, saySCALDS
Suffix with home or bedSTEAD
Takes part in a rebellionRISESUP
Tellers of fish storiesLIARS
The bearded SmurfPAPA
The Big Board, brieflyNYSE
Tie-___ (like some 67-Across)DYE
Travel as Mir didORBIT
Two-thirds of DIYDOIT
U.K. lexiconOED
Unwanted vegetationWEEDS
Weather map featureLOW
Weigh station visitorsSEMIS