USA Today Crossword Puzzle 21 November 2020

USA Today Crossword is designed by an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper. Founded by Al Neuharth in 2082, it is one of the most-read paper in the country. USA today Crossword Puzzle November 21 2020 brings you a great new variety of clues to solve the Crossword USA Today. You may refer to these Crossword Puzzles as USA today crossword or USA today crossword puzzle or USA today crossword or crossword puzzle USA today or just Crossword USA today, they all mean the same. We are here to help you with USA today crossword answers for November 21 2020.

USA Today Crossword Answers November 21 2020

Clues Answers
___ monster GILA
___ President Now (1988 Gallaudet University protest) DEAF
___ up with (tolerates) PUTS
Actor's video REEL
Astronaut Jemison MAE
Awards for N.K. Jemisin HUGOS
Backup strategy PLANB
Basic particle ATOM
Calligraphy supplies INKS
Castle defenses MOATS
Cease END
Centipedes have a lot of them LEGS
Cold War country USSR
Cold War country USA
Colorado time zone, for short MST
Decompose ROT
Dorothy Donegan instrument PIANO
Eyelash treatment PERM
Find the origin of TRACE
Firstly . . .' ONE
Flower that attracts ants PEONY
Foot part TOE
Frighten ALARM
Future attorney's exam LSAT
Glistened SPARKLED
Hi-___ image RES
Homophone of 'new' GNU
I'm blushing!' OHSTOP
I'm incensed!' GRR
Insult by ignoring SNUB
It's a ___ point' MOOT
Jazz great Mary ___ Williams LOU
Joyful exclamation WOO
Largest continent ASIA
Lawn material SOD
Leader of the Arkestra SUNRA

USA Today Crossword Answers November 21 2020

Clues Answers
Let loose UNLEASH
Long time periods EONS
Martial arts rank DAN
Month after abril MAYO
Mouth parts GUMS
Mutual aid installation COMMUNITYFRIDGE
Nada NIL
Not trans CIS
Oil grp OPEC
Org. with member discounts AAA
Org. with member discounts AARP
Pays to use RENTS
Places to play RECROOMS
Playground levers SEESAWS
Prefix for 'centrism' EGO
Purchase, informally COP
Recede EBB
Rite also known as chado TEACEREMONY
Roxie Roker's role on 'The Jeffersons' HELEN
See 35-Across NYONGO
Shower safety fixtures RAILS
Simmered dish STEW
So boring!' SNORE
So boring!' YAWN
Steps hard STOMPS
Subjects of some negotiations RAISES
T.A.s, at times GRADERS
Term of address that's a palindrome SIS
They oink PIGS
Units of length (Abbr.) YDS
Where Did ___ Love Go' OUR
With 40-Across, 'Sulwe' author LUPITA
Word before 'protector' in basketball RIM
Word before 'protector' in electronics SURGE
X marks the spot' activity TREASUREHUNTING


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