USA Today Crossword Puzzle 2 August 2020

USA Today Crossword is designed by an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper. Founded by Al Neuharth in 2082, it is one of the most-read paper in the country. USA today Crossword Puzzle August 2 2020 brings you a great new variety of clues to solve the Crossword USA Today. You may refer to these Crossword Puzzles as USA today crossword or USA today crossword puzzle or USA today crossword or crossword puzzle USA today or just Crossword USA today, they all mean the same. We are here to help you with USA today crossword answers for August 2 2020.

USA Today Crossword Answers August 2 2020

Clues Answers
___ defense (courtroom strategy) ALIBI
___ of Anarchy' SONS
___-Caps (candy) SNO
___-warrior (environmental activist) ECO
About the Author' blurb BIO
Absolutely terrified SCAREDSTIFF
All the rage HOT
Apple product line IMAC
Becomes depleted RUNSLOW
Bell Labs operating system UNIX
Bit of slalom gear SKI
Blacken on the grill CHAR
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Bus passenger RIDER
Canoeing site LAKE
Cause of a cold sweat FEAR
Cold one BREWSKI
Covetous emotion ENVY
Degrees for execs MBAS
Dish whose ingredients include nostalgia COMFORTFOOD
Don't know 'em' WHO
Equestrian's strap REIN
Evita' narrator CHE
Eyelid problem STYE
Female deer DOE
Field doc MEDIC
Flightless birds EMUS
Fold in some shorts PLEAT
Formal garment SUIT
Get the idea SEE
Great distress WOE
Hardworking insect ANT
Icy road worry SKID
India's capital territory DELHI
It slipped my mind' IFORGOT
Just Give Me a Reason,' e.g DUET
Lend a hand HELP

USA Today Crossword Answers August 2 2020

Clues Answers
Let's go!' CMON
Letter after alpha BETA
Light brown TAN
Like many candles SCENTED
Like mint-condition memorabilia, often RARE
Lil ___ X NAS
Lines of stitching SEAMS
Mafia bosses DONS
Make allowance for TAKEINTOACCOUNT
Muscle quality TONE
Muscles worked by side planks ABS
Nose around PRY
Old Russian autocrats TSARS
One or the ___ OTHER
Opposite of later SOONER
Out-loud exam ORAL
Pi Day mo MAR
Place for ships to dock PIER
Poolroom powder TALC
Precise, in Spanish EXACTO
Prepare for a Turkish wrestling match OILUP
Really funny people RIOTS
Record to watch later TIVO
Salary bump RAISE
Sarah Lee Guthrie's father ARLO
Significant time periods ERAS
Sound reverberation ECHO
Spring Festival meal FEAST
Suffix for 'evil' DOER
Tabloid news site TMZ
The Legend of ___ (Nintendo franchise) ZELDA
Tree part ROOT
Trickle slowly SEEP
Try to win the affections of WOO
Up the ___ ANTE
Upper-echelon ELITE
Went on the lam FLED
Wing it onstage ADLIB
You're So Vain' singer Carly SIMON


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