USA Today Crossword Puzzle 18 November 2020

USA Today Crossword is designed by an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper. Founded by Al Neuharth in 2082, it is one of the most-read paper in the country. USA today Crossword Puzzle November 18 2020 brings you a great new variety of clues to solve the Crossword USA Today. You may refer to these Crossword Puzzles as USA today crossword or USA today crossword puzzle or USA today crossword or crossword puzzle USA today or just Crossword USA today, they all mean the same. We are here to help you with USA today crossword answers for November 18 2020.

USA Today Crossword Answers November 18 2020

Clues Answers
___ around (snooping) NOSING
___ d'Ivoire COTE
___ faire (historical reenactment event) REN
___ minted NEWLY
*pretends to be shocked* GASP
Actress Bedard IRENE
Actress Lena OLIN
Ali Wong, for example COMIC
America's third-busiest airport OHARE
Animal in the weasel family OTTER
Aqua-skinned creature in Tamora Pierce's 'Wolf-Speaker' OGRE
At last, the weekend!' TGIF
Barnyard female EWE
Behind REAR
Brief moment TRICE
Budae-jjigae holder POT
Clog-clearing brand DRANO
Closing remark from someone answering a query HOPETHISHELPS
Cobbler fruit PEACH
Deceive DUPE
Dog collar attachment IDTAG
Drag queen Coulee SHEA
Educated' memoirist Westover TARA
Empty hall sound ECHO
Enjoyed some pea shoots, say ATE
Fine, e.g PENALTY
Fresh out of the oven PIPINGHOT
Harmless BENIGN
I ___ you big-time' OWE
I bought a boat because it was for sail,' e.g PUN
Initial poker payment ANTE
It's always full the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival MOON
Lapsang souchong, for example TEA
Let's do it!' YEAH
Looks for bargains SHOPS
Main artery AORTA
Marital agreements, for short PRENUPS
Mess up ERR
Name that's another name backward ARI

USA Today Crossword Answers November 18 2020

Clues Answers
Numbered musical work OPUS
Oblong ingredients in a salad GRAPETOMATOES
Ocean vessel SHIP
Ocean vessel YACHT
Offended HURT
Particulars, in slang DEETS
Perfectly memorized DOWNPAT
Photo ___ (events with pics) OPS
Positive attribute ASSET
Possible result of hail DENT
Printing machine PRESS
Protective crust SCAB
Robe in the Roman Forum TOGA
Run at full speed SPRINT
SAT ___ courses PREP
Secret agent SPY
Seemingly forever EONS
Segments of musicals ACTS
Settles a dispute with an embrace HUGSITOUT
Sohla El-Waylly's profession CHEF
Some facial hair GOATEES
South Africa's second-largest city CAPETOWN
Spot of soreness ACHE
Swallow hurriedly GULP
Sweetheart HON
Tax pro CPA
That's the guy!' HIM
The Gem State IDAHO
The Walking Dead' channel AMC
Tibetan priests LAMAS
Tina Snow aka Megan ___ Stallion THEE
Too bad' PITY
Turtle dove's sound COO
Ways up ski slopes ROPETOWS
What thirsty plants do DROOP
Woodpile covers TARPS
Workplaces for some RNs ORS


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