USA Today Crossword Puzzle 14 September 2020

USA Today Crossword is designed by an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper. Founded by Al Neuharth in 2082, it is one of the most-read paper in the country. USA today Crossword Puzzle September 14 2020 brings you a great new variety of clues to solve the Crossword USA Today. You may refer to these Crossword Puzzles as USA today crossword or USA today crossword puzzle or USA today crossword or crossword puzzle USA today or just Crossword USA today, they all mean the same. We are here to help you with USA today crossword answers for September 14 2020.

USA Today Crossword Answers September 14 2020

Clues Answers
___ and don'ts DOS
___-tac-toe TIC
Activist Brockovich ERIN
Affirmative response to 'You are?' ISUREAM
Baby's bed CRIB
Bank room VAULT
Big name in skin care OLAY
Breakfast, lunch or dinner MEAL
Clips often shown in slow motion REPLAYS
Disappear GOPOOF
Disclose REVEAL
Distributed GAVEOUT
Do some overthinking OBSESS
Doesn't flunk PASSES
Drags along LUGS
Eager AVID
Egg providers HENS
Exclamation from a prankster GOTYA
Genre for 'Roma' or 'Moonlight' DRAMA
Genre for Eve RAP
Girl Genius' protagonist AGATHA
Golfer's standard PAR
Got the 5-Down off RINSED
Green-and-brown attire, for short CAMO
Grocery store nibbles FREESAMPLES
Hairstyle for Esperanza Spalding AFRO
Hand-washing stuff SOAP
Harmful bit of light UVRAY
Hiker's path NATURETRAIL
House made of snow IGLOO
How ___ you?' ARE
iPhone assistant SIRI
It may be trimmed or painted NAIL
Like a dark room, perhaps UNLIT
Little rascals IMPS
Matted bits of hair TUFTS
Number of 'Things I Hate About You' TEN
Oh, gross!' UGH
Only bird with calf muscles EMU

USA Today Crossword Answers September 14 2020

Clues Answers
Org. with wands TSA
Pains' partners ACHES
Pancake topping SYRUP
Parking place LOT
Patty or Selma, to Bart AUNT
Pigs' digs STY
Really awesome SUPERDUPER
School graduates ALUMNI
Sea mammals that float on their backs OTTERS
Short time to wait, in brief SEC
Singer Janis IAN
Singer who keeps her face covered while performing SIA
Slushie flavor COLA
Sound from a contented cat PURR
Sound that warrants a blessing ACHOO
Spanish lollipop brand CHUPACHUPS
Stat at a racetrack ODDS
T-shirts and blouses, e.g TOPS
Takes a tumble FALLS
Target of an annual vaccine FLU
Tehran's country IRAN
That stinks! ODOR
They may be eliminated with a subscription ADS
They may be inflated or fragile EGOS
They meet for comfort and advice SUPPORTGROUPS
They often fly in a 'V' formation GEESE
Thread holders SPOOLS
Title for Nanak GURU
Toy that involves pulling, twisting and spinning BOPIT
Troubles ILLS
Unleash LETFLY
Unwraps OPENS
Use a keyboard TYPE
Uses scissors CUTS
With joy HAPPILY
Word after 'beach' or 'dad' BOD
Word on a candy heart LUV
Word yelled before 'You're it!' TAG


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