USA Today Crossword Puzzle 14 October 2020

USA Today Crossword is designed by an internationally distributed American daily, middle-market newspaper. Founded by Al Neuharth in 2082, it is one of the most-read paper in the country. USA today Crossword Puzzle October 14 2020 brings you a great new variety of clues to solve the Crossword USA Today. You may refer to these Crossword Puzzles as USA today crossword or USA today crossword puzzle or USA today crossword or crossword puzzle USA today or just Crossword USA today, they all mean the same. We are here to help you with USA today crossword answers for October 14 2020.

USA Today Crossword Answers October 14 2020

Clues Answers
___ be right back' ILL
___ off (prevent) STAVE
Angelic rings HALOS
Approves OKS
As a consequence . . .' ERGO
Beloved DEAR
Big lump GOB
Bring in from the field REAP
Bro or sis, e.g SIB
Burj Islam's country SYRIA
Cackling African scavenger HYENA
Caribbean cruise stops ISLES
Cash register drawer TILL
Chimps and gorillas APES
Coconut Grove's city MIAMI
Counterpart of budget, for a movie BOXOFFICE
Country hidden in 'Romania' OMAN
County fair prize BLUERIBBON
Dog beach sound ARF
Erupt forcibly SPEW
ESPN host Katie NOLAN
Expert on IRS forms CPA
Extremely fun LIT
Fan-shaped parts of African elephants EARS
Fashion designer Chung ALEXA
Fastener with hooks and loops VELCRO
Feeling after a boxing class, maybe ACHE
Friend in battle ALLY
Functional USABLE
Garden crawlers SLUGS
Garnet, e.g GEM
Glitch ___' (animated series) TECHS
Guarantee ENSURE
Hefty slice SLAB
Host at an open mic EMCEE
I wish I could ___ that' ('Gross') UNSEE
Incline RAMP
Instruction on instant miso soup packages STIR
Just-released NEW

USA Today Crossword Answers October 14 2020

Clues Answers
Like Holi and Diwali HINDU
Like miso paste SALTY
Like the air around waterfalls MISTY
Like treadless tires BALD
Love Live!' character hidden in this clue ELI
Mini counterpart MAXI
Mint containers TINS
Miriam A. Hyman's 'The Chi' character DRE
No longer here GONE
Oil Pollution Act org EPA
Perform with feeling EMOTE
Place for a bracelet WRIST
Play for time STALL
Political center of Norway OSLO
Promoted aggressively HYPED
Promotes aggressively TOUTS
River through Pakistan INDUS
Run ___ (go hog wild) AMOK
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Salad plate, e.g DISH
Skating on ___ ice THIN
Some ballpoint pens BICS
Stage construction SET
Storage containers BINS
Sturdy uniform fabric CHINO
Superlative suffix EST
The 'a' in a.m ANTE
The Black Unicorn' poet Lorde AUDRE
Tiger Balm's purpose PAINRELIEF
Tiny amount of eye gel DAB
Upper-story storage room ATTIC
Wait ___ it . . .' FOR
Wheel-connecting rod AXLE
Wildebeests GNUS
Wizards of Waverly Place' surname RUSSO
Yeshiva instructor RABBI


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