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The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Answers - May 5, 2015

The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Answers - May 5, 2015

Clue Answer
A good place to learn game on cold morning CAMBRIDGE
A natural hanger-on, Wally gets to blow the whistle GOOSEGRASS
Accomplished women's crew on the hefty side? OVERWEIGHT
Arena where speculator meets syndicate BULL
Basket makers rely on these tradesmen, commonly OSIERS
Bona fide 7 used 10 TRUE
Cavalier fighter allegedly the greatest in stirring story ROYALIST
County's opener grabbing a couple of runs KERRY
Criminal goes missing from rogues' gallery surprisingly often REGULARLY
Cure what many addicts do SMOKE
Dandy's top clothing company ranking third PEACOCK
Ditching his date, musical man Spice Girl dancing GINGERROGERS
Doctors at one time noted for their application? LEECHES
Duck seen on European river NILE
European office workers sample food from bakery DANISH
Explosive sound of impact in German sub? GUNPOWDER
Garbage — three times as much left out TRIPE
Generator from England held up by hospital officer MAGNETRON
Good-looker from Ulster during Troubles? ADONIS
Informant tipped off Busted's lead singer FRONTMAN
Journalist keeps married couple covered EMBRACED
Keep an eye on pillock appearing in dock MONITOR
Long-haul traders in pity employing hard worker reversing vehicle MERCHANTNAVY
Nijinsky, for instance, in back street in Paris DANSEUR
Oppressor beheaded innocent queen after communist uprising TORTURER
Phoney war mainly involving Eastern transport workers RAILWAYMEN
Put up deposit to secure tons of metal STEEL
See 12 RING
Who's today's setter? I've no answer to that YOUVEGOTME

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