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The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

The Guardian - Cryptic Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

Clue Answer
'Fashionable' Med resort said to be a relative term NIECE
A form of stock illustration tacked onto articles ASPIC
Attack weapon used by Thatcher to start afresh SANDBAG
Bird rings before end of the day OSPREY
Bird said to be back RHEA
Dignified way to get queue shortened on a weekday STATUESQUE
Drug ends drear state QATAR
Events over two days have not clashed badly DECATHLONS
Explanations get souls into trouble SOLUTIONS
Fall for the ending of 10 — frequently it can be told GOSOFTON
Female spy sleep-in causes a rumpus SHEMOZZLE
Fly in Thailand direction, twice TSETSE
German ruler once took in voters ELECTORATE
Get an irate look from the last in the chain of five LAKEONTARIO
Have leaders of the opposition waiting nervously OWN
I've got a gal here in Michigan KALAMAZOO
Little room for dressing containing girdle LINENCLOSET
Long-distance runner tearing about with no little thanks NIGER
Man with an issue to resolve records what's said AMANUENSIS
Manly height can be got up on track SNAEFELL
One who criticises celebrity chef SLATER
One who was bound to come back in 16 SERF
Opening partner remains in top place EVEREST
Outside firm after a large return for 12 ALFRESCO
Photographer has similar facility to that of 17 SNOWDON
Ronaldo playing for US city ORLANDO
Tip for winning card game NAP
Unique group celebrations securing leading place in the past GALAPAGOS
Virus supports ongoing problems BUGBEARS
Wit especially getting slower ESPRIT

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