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New York Times Crossword Solutions - Sep 01, 2014

New York Times Crossword Solutions - Sep 01, 2014

'Garfield' cartoonist Davis JIM
'Yikes!' EGAD
'___ Misérables' LES
'___ you for real?' ARE
1930s art style, informally DECO
1957 hit covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1968 SUSIEQ
Achieved a perfect score on ACED
Add by degrees PHASEIN
African country bordering 12-Down MALI
African country bordering 16-Across ALGERIA
Animal whose name sounds like a pronoun EWE
Boy Scout ___ badge MERIT
Breaks ... or an anagram of the ends of five Across answersin this puzzle TAMES
Business setback recorded on Schedule C NETLOSS
Car fuel additive ETHYL
Carpentry spacer SHIM
Clothing chain with a 'Baby' division GAP
Cut up, as a frog DISSECT
Deluxe POSH
Drink cooler ICECUBE
Earth-shaking SEISMIC
First word in many newspaper names THE
Fossil fuel COAL
Golden State school up the coast from L.A UCSB
Groups hired for high-profile cases LEGALTEAMS
Hesitation about something QUALM
It goes 'Ah-h-h-choo!' SNEEZE
It's really something ENTITY
Jane Austen heroine EMMA
Kind of school after nursery school: Abbr ELEM
Leaves dumbstruck AWES
Letters before an alias AKA
Like a game with equal winners and losers ZEROSUM
Like Old Norse writing RUNIC
Make a goof ERR
Many a car on the autobahn OPEL
Many a service station adjunct MART
Martinique et Guadeloupe ILES
McKellen who played Magneto in the 'X-Men' films IAN
Mocking remarks JAPES
Mythical strong man ATLAS
Not eat eagerly PICKAT
Obstinate reply IWONT
Old jazz icon Anita ODAY
Old politico Stevenson ADLAI
One of a 1980s demographic YUPPIE
Part of a joule ERG
Pastrami and salami DELIMEATS
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Pyramid city close to Cairo GIZA
Roget's listings: Abbr SYNS
Run out of energy LOSESTEAM
Sea of Tranquillity, for the Apollo 11 astronauts BASE
Site of a church kneeler PEW
Sky-blue AZURE
Slalom, say SKI
Socialite who inspired 1950's 'Call Me Madam' PERLEMESTA
Spanish water AGUA
Stale-smelling MUSTY
State trees of North Dakota and Massachusetts ELMS
Sulu and Uhura, e.g., on the Enterprise SHIPMATES
Texts, e.g.: Abbr MSGS
The 'P' of G.O.P PARTY
Theater reservations SEATS
Uncle ___ SAM
Vietnam War weapon NAPALM
What's filled up in a fill-up GASTANK
Where Vietnam is ASIA
Wither away ATROPHY
Workplace communication MEMO
Zoot ___ SUIT
___ Dhabi ABU
___ infection STAPH
___ Paulo SAO
___-la-la TRA

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