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New York Times Crossword Answers - May 5, 2015

New York Times Crossword Answers - May 5, 2015

Clue Answer
'Filthy' money LUCRE
'West Side Story' girl ANITA
'___ tu' (Verdi aria) ERI
2001 Will Smith title role ALI
4:00 socials TEAS
A pop PER
Actor Morales of 'La Bamba' ESAI
Actress Gibbs of 'The Jeffersons' MARLA
Analyze, as syntax PARSE
Animals in a yoke OXEN
AOL alternative MSN
Baked Italian dish ZITI
Baseball's Hideo NOMO
Bible book that inspired the song 'Turn! Turn! Turn!': Abbr ECCLES
Bistro CAFE
Brat Pack member Rob LOWE
Bring on board HIRE
Bygone Korean automaker DAEWOO
Chew (on) GNAW
Clothing WEAR
Dipsomaniac SOT
Eject OUST
Eye droppers? TEARS
Fam. member SIS
Feels sick AILS
Girl's name that's a two-part hint to 1-/20-, 27-, 45- and 53-Across ADDIE
Grouch of children's TV OSCAR
Hosp. test MRI
Hot springs resort SPA
Inhibit IMPEDE
Jason of the N.B.A KIDD
Kind of cocktail with a kick? MOLOTOV
Korbut who starred at the 1972 Olympics OLGA
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Like many newspaper subscriptions, nowadays DIGITAL
Little finger that makes you go 'Oh my God!'? SHOCKINGPINKIE
Make ___ dash for AMAD
Miley Cyrus hit 'Party in the ___' USA
Named by an informer, informally IDED
Nod off DOZE
Nullify ERASE
One going from floor to floor STAIR
One ratting out a group of lawyers? BARSTOOLIE
Organized bartering occasions SWAPMEETS
Paradise EDEN
Pivot point AXIS
Playground comeback DIDSO
Purchase at a 38-Across ROUND
Rank above viscount EARL
Sanyo competitor AIWA
Shoes named for an antelope REEBOKS
Small house, in Latin America CASITA
Spare tire FLAB
Spooky-sounding Pennsylvania city ERIE
Spreading like wildfire VIRAL
Stand-in SUB
Super Mario Bros. console NES
Tend to, in a way, as a garden WATER
This, in Tijuana ESTO
Toy company that once made the Magic 8 Ball IDEAL
Trivia night site PUB
U.N. agcy. awarded the 1969 Nobel Peace Prize ILO
Unwanted weight MILLSTONE
Vera of haute couture WANG
Vivacious wits ESPRITS
Wall Street overseer, for short SEC
What the duffer shot on a hole, surprisingly? RAREBIRDIE
Wheel tooth COG
Where many customer care calls are answered INDIA
Whole lot GOB
With 20-Across, chocolaty Atlanta treat? SWEET
World Cup cry OLE
Writer Asimov ISAAC

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