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New York Times Crossword Answers - March 13, 2015

New York Times Crossword Answers - March 13, 2015

Clue Answer
'Tell me what you know!' TALK
'Tell me what you know!' SPILLIT
'The Second Sex' author ___ de Beauvoir SIMONE
'The Starry Night,' e.g OIL
2008 crossover hit for the country duo Sugarland ALLIWANTTODO
A little off? TRIM
Addition to the mix REVERB
Adept in GOODAT
Apollo setting HARLEM
Be almost out RUNLOW
Beginnings SEEDS
Big business news, for short IPO
Chinese zodiac figure DRAGON
Compulsory courses CORE
Cry over, say RUE
Dawn's direction, in Dresden OST
Discounted ONSALE
Establish SET
Face reddener IRE
Fidelity alternative ETRADE
Got a mental picture of IMAGED
Hill people, for short REPS
Holiday cakes with swirls YULELOGS
Home to the marine megapark Océanopolis BREST
Indy front-runners? PACECARS
Isn't out of the running HASASHOT
Japanese zithers KOTOS
Lengthy bout SIEGE
Like many ties STRIPED
Limp as ___ ARAG
Lower LESS
Luisiana or Misisipí ESTADO
Many a scoutmaster DAD
Matter in the Big Bang theory YLEM
Monkey on one's back ONUS
Morris who directed 'The Unknown Known,' 2013 ERROL
Myers of the Clinton White House DEEDEE
Ninth-century invaders of East Anglia DANES
Officers' clip-ons IDBADGES
One cast in a Harry Potter film SPELL
Opposite of deplete AMASS
Paraguayan pronoun ESA
Pedal pusher FOOT
Pentagon outfit, briefly DOD
Place for an imprint TITLEPAGE
Pointillism features SPECKLES
Quartet in a cathedral, maybe APSES
Reuner in New Haven ELI
River draining Lake Superior STMARYS
Rock analysis ASSAY
Room in back, say REARAREA
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings' ASTIN
Shaded ring AREOLA
Some firefighters' equipment RADIOS
Speech opener, often ANECDOTE
Sport, for short REC
Star role in many old films? SHERIFF
Strain to make? PUREE
Sully MAR
Tasseled topper TARBOOSH
Tendency to be indiscreet LOOSELIPS
They're elementary ABCS
To know, in Nantes SAVOIR
Unenlightened stretch DARKAGES
Viking garment TUNIC
Wood borers AUGERS
___-Abyssinian War ITALO

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