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New York Times Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

New York Times Crossword Answers - April 29, 2015

Clue Answer
'99 Luftballons' singer NENA
'Wake Up With Al' co-host ROKER
'___ Rose' (song from 'The Music Man') LIDA
2013-'14 N.B.A. All-Star Joakim ___ NOAH
5-Down, for his entire career ROYAL
Accustomed (to) USED
Advice to a base runner TAGUP
Article in Die Zeit EINE
At dinner for two, say ONADATE
Avail oneself of UTILIZE
Baseball Hall-of-Famer George BRETT
Bear's Wall Street partner STEARNS
Cartoon yelp EEK
Chop down HEW
Commendable activities DOS
D-Day minus one EVE
Dead: Prefix NECRO
Director Riefenstahl LENI
Dispense with WAIVE
Ear-related OTIC
EARL, geometrically TRAPEZOID
Easy question LOB
ELK, EARL, LEAK or GEAR, geometrically POLYGON
ELK, geometrically, in the finished puzzle RIGHTTRIANGLE
Europe's highest volcano ETNA
Excels over, in slang OWNS
Expressions of frustration abroad ACHS
Find (out) FERRET
First-time voter, often TEEN
Flight board abbr ARR
For the most part LARGELY
Give a grilling? CHAR
Halves of an old item? EXES
Incidental remark SIDENOTE
Inclined LEANT
Iran, formerly SHAHDOM
Jet setting HANGAR
Jet ___ LAG
Key of Mozart's last piano concerto BFLAT
LEAK, geometrically RECTANGLE
Like Twizzlers RED
Limey's drink GROG
Line to Penn Sta LIRR
Mean: Abbr AVG
Midmonth day IDES
Mixing male and female characteristics, slangily ANDRO
Nearing midnight ELEVEN
Neb. neighbor SDAK
Non-fruit smoothie flavor OREO
Not quite the majors AAA
Peanut-butter-and-chocolate innovator H. B. ___ REESE
Puppet lady of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' ELAINE
Put on board LADE
Quiet MUM
Quirkier ODDER
Record for later viewing, maybe TIVO
Red flag, maybe ALERT
Resident of 123 Sesame Street ERNIE
Some fitness centers YMCAS
Some nest eggs, briefly IRAS
Spanish lady DONA
Spooky sound MOAN
Symbol of authority REIN
Trident points TINES
Unaccounted for AWOL
Verizon forerunner GTE
What each of this puzzle's circled squares represents VERTEX
Whispering sweet nothings COOING
Yacht spot COVE
___-lacto-vegetarian OVO
___-Magnon CRO
___-Pacific ASIA

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